Women’s bodies are absolutely incredible. The ability to create and carry a baby is no mean feat. It has a profound effect on the mind, body, and soul and in a relatively short time you are changed forever.  If you ask most Mums what their greatest achievement is its most likely their children, however there are some changes that come with motherhood that aren’t perhaps the most desirable and it is these that UK board certified Dr. Faisal Salim aims to help us with.

Pregnancy, by definition, is having a baby develop inside you which has a significant impact on the body, the changes that occur throughout pregnancy can sometimes be irreversible naturally and this is where Dr. Faisal Salim comes in.  With over 15 years’ experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr Faisal has been practicing in Dubai for 4 years and specialises in making abdomens and breasts look their best and boasting a reputation for natural results, helping you restore your body and more importantly your confidence.

Introducing the Mummy Makeover, a procedure or group of procedures that help in restoring the abdomen and breasts to their pre-pregnancy state. The following are the most common procedures to achieve this and are often performed together.

The Tummy Tuck

Also referred to as abdominoplasty, this is performed to reshape the abdomen. There are 4 features of a Tummy Tuck that separate the good ones from the average and these are;

Scar, the scar should be hidden in a bikini. To ensure this it has to be fine, low and symmetrical. Dr. Faisal employs special techniques and appropriate tension to make sure the scar is never too high or asymmetrical.

Liposuction, essential in achieving an hour glass figure. This targets the flanks and the areas in the upper abdomen where fat cannot be removed with conventional cutting methods. Dr. Faisal takes things further by also addressing the stubborn fat in the back and bra roll, using a 360 degree approach and VASER liposuction technology to achieve the very best results.

Belly Button, a poorly designed belly button can destroy an otherwise excellent tummy tuck. Dr. Faisal ensures the belly button is in the midline, going inwards (affectionally know as an innie) and small with a hidden scar.

Muscle Separation and Hernia Repair, its common for the six pack muscles to separate, particularly after multiple pregnancies. In extreme cases, this can cause the bowel to protrude. Dr.Faisal has a reputation for repairing even the largest of these separations without the need for mesh which is commonly used for this type of procedure. It’s a very powerful way of flattening the abdomen and improving core strength.

Breast Augmentation

If the breasts have lost volume without too much sagging of the skin, then a breast augmentation is ideal to restore the volume with a small incision to the breast fold.

Breast Lift with Implant

If the breasts have lost volume and the skin is saggy, then a lift can be performed with the augmentation. The amount of skin that needs to be removed will determine which scar pattern is used. Smaller excisions can be performed using a lollipop scar, and larger ones require an anchor scar.

Breast Lift

Some patients with saggy skin don’t want an implant so in this case only a lift is performed.

As with all surgeries it is worth noting the recovery time, whilst results are immediate it’s quite normal for it to take 6-12 months before the final results show. Breast surgery can take around 1 week to heal, Abdominal surgery slightly longer and Dr. Faisal recommends taking 2 weeks off work. You can drive after 1 week and return to the gym after 6 weeks.

Understanding the right time for your surgery is also important. This is a very personal decision and Dr. Faisal normally recommends completion of the family before proceeding with breast surgery and only performed once breast feeding has finished.

The most important decision is to choose the right surgeon. Dr Faisal has performed over 1000 of these procedures and is widely recognised as an expert in the field. He combines an artistic eye, with the highest level of skill and safety. This is all done using a caring, warm and patient centred approach.

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