Life-changing news for families has arrived in Dubai as Health at Hand, the brand-new app that connects patients with doctors provides live video consultation from the comfort of your home.

Not only are families in Dubai thrilled to hear that the new app uses ex-NHS British doctors, but they’re also set to save huge amounts of time and money as this state-of-the-art app paves the way for medical diagnosis for the future.

Cost effective and very fast, the Health at Hand service removes doubts and worries when someone in your family is not feeling well by cone ring you to a doctor in minutes. By using the camera on your phone or iPad, the doctor’s able to assess the condition and a report is then sent within minutes, detailing the treatment recommendations as well as medication advice.

The most commonly treated conditions that require a doctor’s video consultation include flu-like symptoms, sore throats, temperatures, sinus congestion and allergies, earaches, eye infections, urinary problems, vomiting, diarrhoea and those notorious childhood rashes.

From heat rash and itchy torso’s, to water blisters, baby acne, red raw bottoms and nappy rash; you name it – If your little one’s feeling under the weather, you’ll be relieved to get reliable advice and total peace of mind – all at the touch of a button.

Fellow British mum and Doctor, Beckie Rugut is one of the doctors at Health at Hand. She began her career in the UK and has been a GP since 2011 holding further degrees in Sexual Reproductive Healthcare and Obstetrics.

Her colleague, fellow British mum and Doctor Ruhil Badiani also began her career in the UK, working as a GP graduating from Kings College London. Her specialties including paediatrics, orthopaedics, respiratory and emergency medicine and as mothers themselves, these two doctors just ‘get’ how worrying times can be.

Joining the team at Health at Hand means that they’re really excited to be changing the future of healthcare. They’ve got a real passion for helping families who are unable to attend a clinic at the drop of a hat but yet still require fast and efficient care.

As busy mums who always have a lot on the go, they know that you’re probably also able to recognise this common scenario:

It’s the afternoon, you’re due to rush out of the house to take your child to an after school activity, dragging your other child along for the ride. Your youngest complains for the 100th time about their itchy tummy, and you take another look and realise that what you thought was heat rash now actually seems to be spreading and looking angrier… Could it be an allergy? A virus? Measles? Or even Meningitis? What do you do?

You call the clinic in the hope that they can squeeze you in for an immediate appointment, (canceling the afternoon club on the way), chuck all the kids in the car, battle through the traffic and then sit waiting at the clinic until the doctor’s able to see you…

Over an hour and a half later you’re now back home and thankfully your child’s tummy is covered in calamine lotion, but you still haven’t even started making dinner yet. And guess what? It wasn’t even heat rash after all.

The other alternative to this doesn’t involve having to go out, beg for an appointment or wait at a clinic at all. In fact, all it involves is simply opening the Health at Hand app on your phone so you’re connected to a trusted doctor in 2 minutes who really knows their stuff.

Fully licensed by the Dubai Health Authority and just AED 430 for a whole year, membership includes unlimited consultations for two adults and up to three children each household, allowing you flexibility to cover whoever you choose.

Health at Hand currently operates from 8am- 6pm Sunday to Thursday but they’ll soon be increasing to extended hours 7 days a week. For more info visit and loom forward to feeling better today.

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