Schools across Dubai have gone remote and families are staying home and adhering to movement restrictions.  The national closure of schools and the loss of the eight-plus hours of childcare and education that schools provided for five days a week has effectively turned parenting into a round-the-clock task, in addition to parents’ jobs, daily routines and household chores.

Parents working from home now have the added challenge of supporting their children’s learning and finding ways to keep them entertained, all while trying to do their own jobs.  Of course, the challenge of educating students falls first on teachers to create online classrooms, lessons, and activities. But to complete those activities, guidance is necessary.

For those parents that need additional support, it’s good to know that they can turn to Synkers.

Synkers connects parents to highly qualified private tutors and British Mum Chelsea recently booked an online tutoring session for her 11 year son in Year 6 – read on to see how her and her son got on with the experience!

British Mums Review

Having never used an online tutor before, Chelsea was a little apprehensive, with her main concerns being how her son and his tutor would be able to connect and how much support the tutor would be able to provide.

“Once we registered on the app, I was able to book my son’s session with ease. I selected Mark as his tutor as he had great reviews (the option to review tutors is great because you can see how others experienced the tutors!) and Mark had experience teaching the British curriculum, an obvious plus.

My son’s teacher had identified the areas he needs to work on and sent through 20 questions for Mark to work on with my son.

The tools that were used in the session were excellent. We made use of Zoom and a “whiteboard’ and it was extremely efficient and interactive. I felt that nothing was amiss and the session flowed really well. The whiteboard was a key tool throughout the session with both parties being able to see the questions what the other was writing.

Mark was able to pick up really quickly what my son needed help with and focus on these key areas.

All in all the session was excellent and I can honestly say any apprehensions are all gone.  Most importantly, my son really enjoyed the session too!

We would definitely make use of Synkers again!  The additional support really helped my son – and me! – and it felt like between myself, Mark and my son’s teacher we were able to provide my son with all the resources he needs to not only succeed at remote learning, but to enjoy it too.”

Synkers offer personalised learning experiences for all styles and levels across a wide variety of school subjects for all curriculum, such as IB / GCSE/ A Levels and American.

With over 1,000+ qualified, experienced, and result-driven tutors, Synkers are available to help you online and in-person in the comfort of your home, and their educational consultants are guaranteed to find your perfect tutor.  In addition to tutoring support, Synkers are also customizing homeschooling packages to support students throughout their academic year.

Synkers are offering all members an exclusive AED 50 OFF any online tutoring support.  All you have to do is simply download the Synkers app, register, and redeem your promo code by clicking on the following link:

For more information, call Synkers at 052 911 2109 and get a free consultation from their education experts. | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin


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