Pregnancy is a time of change and upheaval so it’s important to nurture yourself during this special period. Below, we recommend pregnancy approved products and relaxing treatments that will do wonders for the psyche,as well as your appearance, in all stages of your journey. 

First Trimester

Morning sickness, extreme tiredness and hormonal spots or breakouts are just a few of the symptoms that may leave you feeling less than beautiful in the first three months. Although you may feel in desperate need of a bit of TLC, various relaxing beauty and spa treatments, such as massage, are contraindicated (a no-no) at this time, the most crucial stage of development for your baby.

You can still add a splash of colour to your day with a mani or pedi from a chemical-free nail brand such as SpaRitual (available at the Heart&Soul Spa, Al Barari). SpaRitual offers a sensory journey that’s as much about the experience as the resulting talons. Perfect for those in need of a boost. 

A facial is another top treat for this trimester. If you feel too nauseous to go to the spa or salon, invest in some pregnancy skincare. Mama Mio provides a line that promises to help with hormonal changes and prevent pregnancy acne.

Second Trimester

Often dubbed the “honeymoon” period of pregnancy, by week 13 you may find that your energy levels are back to normal, and with any luck, you are no longer plagued by sickness. 

Though your bump may still be small, it’s never too early to start lathering on cream to try and prevent stretch marks. Between 75 and 90% of women develop them during pregnancy, but the good news is much can be done to avoid them. 

Drinking plenty of water and not eating for two will help, as will the application of a good skin product. Try Mama Mio’s The Tummy Rub Butter (available from, which can also be used on the hips and thighs. Designed to increase skin elasticity, this formula is safe during pregnancy and breast-feeding, containing omega-rich organic oils plus organic shea butter.

On the subject of growth, while a cup size boost may be a boon for some, the skin on your breasts may feel itchy and uncomfortable as they start to swell. The Mustela Maternite Bust Firming Serum (available from Sephora) has a toning, tensing effect and provides comfort during changes in breast volume. It’s also fine to use during breastfeeding. 

Third Trimester

The “honeymoon” may now be over as your body copes with your not-so-little baby belly. Fatigue may return and you might also suffer from heavy legs, bloating, backache, heartburn and, to top it all off, anxiety about the impending birth. If there was ever a time to indulge in a spot of spa massage, this is it! While hot tubs, saunas, tanning beds and steam rooms should be avoided during pregnancy, a mum-to-be massage will address many of your third trimester concerns. 

SensAsia Urban Spa ( has a premium prenatal package combining its most popular treatments to create the ultimate pregnancy pamper journey – for body, mind and bump! 

The 135 minutes Luxe Mum-To-Be begins with the Yummy Mummy-To-Be bump-friendly massage, delivered by SensAsia’s expert therapists, who undergo extensive training in the varying needs of pregnant women during their second and third trimesters. Guests are guided into the most comfortable and safest positions for their specific requirements, while the full body is massaged to ease tension, muscle fatigue and fluid retention. 

The journey continues with the Bliss Fabulous Facial and is concluded with Mama Mio’s Lighter Legs treatment, with a soothing rosewood foot soak, light exfoliation and therapeutic massage. 

Pampering yourself during pregnancy helps to ensure that you will both look and feel your best in the run up to the birth. So what better excuse is there to indulge! 

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