British Mums can get ready for some serious monkey business as The Green Planet in Citywalk gears up to introduce two mischievous Tamarin monkey brothers to their ever-growing family of wildlife.

Welcomed as part of the biome’s first anniversary celebrations, the monkeys will serve as ambassadors for their species, inspiring it’s little guests to learn more about the devastating issues facing our planet’s rainforests.

The twin brothers (who are yet to be named), will call an expertly designed three storeyed space their new home from 1st September, where they will be able to live as they would in the wild and evolve in the company of the diverse residents of the indoor tropical rainforest. Welcoming these monkeys further strengthens The Green Planet’s larger species survival plan which helps to ensure that future generations get to know unique flora and fauna.

Little guests will be able to see these Tamarin brothers in action as they play and learn the ropes with their trainers in husbandry training sessions and quite frankly, just monkeying around!

They’re sounding like a whole bundle of energy and we’re looking forward to checking them out! Known to live between 15-20 years under human care, these fascinating monkeys diets consists largely of insects and fruits. They are especially clever too; we’re told that they can understand written numbers and can even count as well as being able to understand basic parts of arithmetic and even, in rare cases, multiplication – so you could even take your little one’s homework along with you!

And how do you spot a Tamarin monkey? At the tip of a monkey’s tail is a patch of bare skin that acts like a human’s fingertips. It is sensitive to touch and has tiny ridges that gives the tail a better grip.

Jean Marc Bled, Head of Leisure & Entertainment at Meeras that heads up Green Planet said “We have a whole team of experienced biologists who will be responsible for providing the monkeys with exceptional care and who will also be closely monitoring them to make sure they are adjusting to their new home. Our staff will also be keeping intricate records to make sure we are providing the absolute best care possible for these unique animals.”

The monkeys will be welcomed on September 1st in line with The Green Planet’s first anniversary. Along with saying hi to the new residents, guests can also participate in activities such as ‘Build your own Garden’, monkey themed arts and crafts, face painting and a movie screening which will be taking place between August 31st and September 3rd  so mark it as a date for your diary British Mums!

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