If, like us, you’ve spent lockdown eating one too many chocolate biscuits after a long day with the kids, then keep reading! With the children heading back to school and life returning to some sort of normality, we’re picking ourselves up off the sofa, switching off Netflix and committing to a healthy lifestyle – now that we’ve got time to prioritise it again!

Introducing Essentially, created by passionate nutritionists and born out of the deepest belief that everyone is entitled to live their healthiest potential. Proudly founded in the UAE in 2012,  Essentially offers a fabulous range of cold-pressed juices, immunity boosting shots and lemonaids that are perfect for kids and delicious vegan snacks – ideal for cleansing and revitalising after an all-too indulgent summer!

Essentially is the first company of it’s kind in the region to adhere to a two-step cold pressing technique which offers 5 times more nutritional benefits than blended juices (which use heat), including enzyme activity and enhanced vitamin and mineral content. 

Catering for a varied number of diets and lifestyles, Essentially products include a superfuel mix of cold-pressed juices, nut milks and tasty vegan protein snacks. The nutritionists use seasonal, local and organic produce where possible to maximise the quality of their products, which are all free from additives, preservatives and added sugar.

If you’re looking to try out one of the cleanse programmes, there’s a choice of three (Revitalisation, Extension and Transformation) which vary in duration and intensity and have been created to suit every level of experience.  The cleanse programmes are designed to lead to increased energy levels, weight loss, improved sleep, better digestion, reduced brain fog and many more. So, whether you approach it as a seasonal habit or a once-a-week rhythm, you can expect to emerge feeling nourished, refreshed and energised!

Exclusive Offer for British Mums!

British Mums enjoy 20% off ALL Essentially cold pressed juices, cleanses and vegan snacks using the code HEALTHYMUM20. You can order online at www.essentially.ae and find out more information on Facebook and Instagram.


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