Being a British expat in Dubai, our children’s education can be one of the most important factors on deciding when it’s time to head back home again. Some of us have already decided that we will leave when our children get to a certain age because we want them to have the best education possible. Others either love the lifestyle (and education) here in Dubai and want to stay, whilst some of us may have no choice but to stay due to work opportunities and therefore, both may think that boarding school is the best option.

For those of us with little or no experience of boarding schools considering this option, it can sound like an extremely daunting prospect but the good news is that help is at hand and that comes in the form of Anderson Education. They have a comprehensive schools directory for you to browse at and offer a unique, personal and free service to parents.

They’ve been working with expat families around the world for the past 25 years and because they have visited more than 350 UK boarding schools themselves it means they’re able to recommend the best school that’s suited to your child and your family, (and of course help you through the process too).

A huge thing for any parent is to consider is where our children should go to school. We all know that each child is different and what is suitable for one may not work for another and also, each school is very different in its characteristics. There are amazing boarding schools all over the world offering us so much choice, but the UK is the obvious choice for most of us as we will have family and friends there who can be on hand if they are needed.

But why else would we choose the UK? Here are a few good reasons:

For world class quality education, of course – wherever we are in the world, most British expats will always try to send their children to a British school, so this makes perfect sense.

Entry to UK and US universities – this opens up a world of opportunities for our children.
A safe and secure environment – and that’s essential when we may be so far away from them.
Excellent facilities – The UK is notorious for this.
Flights – we can travel from the UAE to the UK international airports in around 7 hours which makes it so really easy for them to fly them here for their school holidays (even the short ones).

But how do we go about choosing which school to send them to?

Choosing a boarding school would be difficult enough when living in the UK, but when you live overseas like we do, it makes selecting and visiting schools a huge task and this is where the experts can be called in! Anderson Education definitely know UK boarding schools inside and out and with a little help from them, you can find plenty of the right options that can offer the perfect place where your child will blossom and grow to his or her full potential.

The environment of a great UK Boarding School is that it’s motivating, nurturing, and offers a caring environment. Getting the experts to help means their aim is the same as yours – to give each child opportunities that not all may have had here in Dubai – and that is to develop their personal talents to the full and achieve their maximum academic potential.

The wide range of activities and experiences offered at great boarding schools give boarders the opportunity to develop the life skills for the future and nurture their interests beyond the academic curriculum, and it’s highly regarded that life in a boarding school is excellent preparation for university because living as part of a community, you can really make friends for life, (whatever part of the world they come from).

In short, if you need help, things like talking about your child, his or her academic ability, strengths, interests and any learning support or language needs they may have, can be factored in by the experts helping you. Anderson Education can then recommend the schools to meet the individual needs of the child (and family) and arrange for schools to forward information to you and this takes the stress of it all away.

They will email you a list of schools that they recommend and then encourage you to short list say, 3 or 4 schools; and if you would like to visit the school, they arrange that for you as well, meaning that the entrance tests are then sent to your child’s current school (so you don’t even need to worry about having to make the trip back for all of the assessments).

Whatever you choose, we all ultimately want the same – to provide the best possible for our children, so that they achieve, gain independence and confidence and are, above all else – truly happy!  A British boarding education provides all of this, plus lots more opportunities in sport, music, art and drama to develop well rounded young adults who can be best prepared for their next step in life.

Anderson Education’s UK Boarding School Directory provides a comprehensive list of schools

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