If you are thinking about getting your little one ready for the exciting world of school at The English College, there is a new setting there specifically designed to prepare your child for the start of their educational journey.

Curious Cubs is where the magic happens for the under-fives. With more than 30 years of experience, the school is all about creating a space where lifelong learners can grow and thrive, with their ultimate goal of nurturing confident, capable and curious little lions who are ready to take on the world. 

The Building Blocks

You might be wondering why the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is such a big deal. It sets the stage for the next part of a child’s learning journey.  Like skyscrapers in Dubai need solid foundations, so too do children from birth to fiveyears. During these crucial years, Curious Cubs at The English College is all about helping your child develop a strong footing, whether that be cognitive, social, emotionaland physical. Their secret is a play-based curriculum in a supportive and enabling environment, laying down the groundwork for future success!

Language Development Adventures at Curious Cubs

Speech development is also important at this age. The number of words your child knows at two predicts reading, maths and writing abilities when they start school. Curious Cubs introduces and builds on children’s language skills to make sure they have the tools in their toolbox to communicate with those around them. We all know children have amazing imaginations, and the team at The English College love nothing better than to get stuck into their adventures wherever their creativity guides them.


The big plus of signing your child up for Foundation Stage education is that it helps them develop those all-important school readiness skills, including reading and writing through an approved phonics scheme, and an understanding of maths and science. These skills help to form a smooth transition to big school along with a thirst for knowledge and learning.

But it is worth thinking about how you might help them prepare for big school. Curious Cubs believes thatdeveloping a child’s confidence and in turn their selfesteemand independence, are the perfect ingredients for success.  There is lots of hand holding at Curious Cubs, but they do have a few tips for parents, to try and prepare them for starting FS:

  •  Teach your child how to dress themselves, such as putting on their shoes and socks, buttoning tops, zipping up their jacket and putting on their backpack.
  • Try and make sure your child is fully potty trained before joining Curious Cubs, and to properly wash their hands. This will help them feel more comfortable and confident in a classroom setting.
  • Reinforce basic self-care skills, such as washing their faces, brushing their teeth and combing their hair.
  • Help your child learn how to open their lunch box and eat by themselves (try a little practice at home or on a picnic)

Potty training? Check. Basic self-care? Double-check, we are almost there!

Teamwork and Transparency

As parents you will be kept up to date with every stage of your child’s learning journey The English College’s team is highly skilled and trained to watch and assess development. There is a regular dialogue with you and your child’s carers and staff will share your little one’s adventures, developmental celebrations and next steps.

And here’s a little extra fun for you — Curious Cubs host Toddler Playdates every Wednesday, from 1:15pm – 2:45pm. So, bring your 1-3 yearolds for some complimentary music, dance, painting and more, while also getting a taste of what life is like in FS.

To discover more about preparing your child for Curious Cubs, and to book a parent-toddler play date, click here. After a few playdates with The English College, you and your little ones will be feeling confident and ready for Foundation Stage!