Living in Dubai certainly has its benefits – the year-round sunshine, beaches, safety and great lifestyle. However, there’s no denying it’s an expensive place to live and that becomes even more apparent when you have a family! As British mums, we do like to shop around to get the best possible price and that’s with everything, from our weekly supermarket shop right through to exchanging money.

British Mums has teamed up with the currency experts at GC Partners to ensure that when it comes to transferring money – we’re really maximising our Dirhams!  GC Partners offers preferential rates on foreign currency and have been based in Dubai for over 10 years. The team are fast, friendly and efficient in providing busy mums across the region with seamless service from start to finish. Looking after their customers is a top priority and they pride themselves on outperforming the banks in both the exchange rates offered and the quality of service provided.

If you want to hear from other mums who’ve used the service, please check GC Partners out on Trustpilot. They have an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5!

GC Partners

GC Partners are able to assist with all your money transfer needs, from sending money home as savings and making regular payments for schooling or other bills, right through to paying mortgages and rent or even buying or selling your property. Best of all, opening up an account is free of charge and there are zero fees to use the service (unlike other service providers), and you’ll always have a dedicated account manager on hand to help you every step of the way.

GC Partners

Regulated by the Financial conduct Authority, GC Partners made over 400,000 international payments in 2019 alone.

To create a free account head to and follow the simple process. Or call the Dubai team on 04 278 1020 to have a chat about your requirements.