As women we have so much to deal with on a daily basis. We have all the mum juggles of school runs, after school activities, dinner, washing, you name it, so when have time to look after ourselves, we can sometimes overlook the essentials.

With so many lotions and potions we’re convinced into purchasing we seem to have cupboards full, all of which havehardly been used. The main issue is that we don’t necessarily need all the fancy extras and as mums we just don’t have enough hours in the day. But, let’s get serious and talk about one area that needs our full attention, our lady parts.

I bet like most things; this region of our body gets overlooked when it comes to cleansing? Yet we have specific cleansers for all body parts, specialist foot scrubs, face wash, body cleansers even our cuticles have more attention than our poor neglected lady garden. Due to the delicate nature of our vulva, simply using ‘anything’ down there could cause more damage than good.

So, what is a vulva? When we talk about our intimate parts we immediately think, vagina. And yes, that’s true but the vagina is the internal tubular muscle, whereas the vulva is the protective outer area of skin protecting the part where the baby comes out (to put it crudely)!

The vulva is the area that gets exposed to dirt and sweat due to the hair follicles, whereas the vagina is self-cleaning and balances itself out nicely when washed with just plain old water. When we have issues ‘down there’ the first place we think to freshen up would be the vagina, whereas in fact we need to focus on the vulva instead.

The vulva needs a little more TLC and can’t self-clean like it’s friend, so opt for gentle cleanser specifically designed to help intimate areas. Why not try the Femfresh products? These help to balance and restore the skin’s natural pH and microbiome (which is different to the rest of the body) by using delicate, vulva friendly cleansers to keep it clean and happy. Femfresh have a range of washes, wipes and deodorants powders to help clean and leave you feeling fresh whilst not disturbing this delicate environment.

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