New British Mums partnership brings members priority service in the online property search

Whether you are planning a move to Dubai or are already living here but want to upgrade the home – due to a growing family or need a location change due to work commitments – moving home isn’t always easy and there’s a lot to be considered!  To ease the stress of moving, British Mums have partnered with the leading property website in the UAE, Bayut to help ensure that your experience of finding a property is a breeze!

Endorsed by the ever-so handsome and famous Chris Hemsworth (you can’t have missed the huge sign with Chris’ face on Sheikh Zayed Road recently!) our partnership with Bayut will be providing valuable insights about property trends and lifestyle in the region and offer guidance across all the steps involved in a move.

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Make the online property search as easy as possible with Bayut

As the leading property website in the UAE since 2008, Bayut has the largest selection of properties available for rent and sale, with over 1,000 agencies advertising properties on the website. Bayut helps potential investors, homeowners and tenants, from all over the world, to find the right real estate that meets their expectations.

Bayut’s mission is to make the online property search as easy as possible when you are searching for a new home and one of the ways they are doing this is by standardising over 45,000 floor plans in 2D and 3D formats to help visualise beyond the photos.

If you’re looking to potentially invest in property, Bayut offers a Mortgage Calculator which helps to easily estimate how much down payment is required and what the monthly instalments will be. You can also analyze sales and rental trends of properties in previous months and years on  This will help you make an informed decision before you decide to rent or buy a property in specific markets.

In addition to your property search, Bayut also provides plenty of useful information to help navigate life in the UAE.  Get insights on schools, events, activities and the latest property market trends on the their blog or discover over 1400 neighbourhoods in the UAE where you can buy, rent or sell properties with their comprehensive Area Guides.  Bayut’s exclusive UAE Building Guides also offer in-depth information about the amenities, properties and service charges associated with individual buildings.

One of the main frustrations with looking for a property in the UAE; and one that many of us have experienced; is that you sometimes see the same property listed with different agents and even at different prices.  Then you call the agent only to be told it’s not available or they don’t call you back.  Or you’ll arrange to meet at the property and it’s completely different to the images on the listing!  To combat problems like this, Bayut’s 200 strong team are constantly evolving and introducing new ideas, tools and features to help in your search.  An impressive new feature is the TruCheck™ badge.  This helps you to easily check for the availability and validity of property listings. Listings which feature this badge undergo extensive quality checks by the Bayut team. Agents have to first submit valid documentation and photographic proof to be approved for this badge, ensuring that we don’t have to face any more disappointments when it comes to finding a listing we love!

Get priority service as British Mums partners with Bayut

Finding the right home can be a lengthy process. Deciding on the right neighbourhood, especially with so many new developments and communities being built and planned, determining the cost involved and ultimately finalising the paperwork, are some of the biggest hurdles us expats face when moving.   To support this process, we are super excited that British Mums and Bayut have collaborated together to offer our British Mums members a priority service where you can reach out to dedicated expert to ensure you have the best experience and customer service when it comes to looking for a new home!

All you have to do is email with the link of the property you are interested in, along with a screenshot of your first message to the particular agent/agency and they will do the rest!

As members, this dedicated service means you can use this email to reach out to experts from Bayut’s team if you are facing any challenges with the listings, difficulty communicating with agents or lack of information and more, and Bayut will use this information to speak to the agent and ensure your needs are met in the best possible way!

Experts Bayut

Bayut offers all the right tools to make your property search easy. So, if you, your family members or friends want to invest, rent or sell property in the UAE, get in touch with the helpful team at Bayut who are eager to make a difference and help guide you to the right choice!

Stay tuned over the coming months, as we will be sharing loads of useful information from Bayut to help support and arm you with all the things you need to know and get the best out your property rental or purchase journey in the UAE!

Happy Home Hunting!


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