Finding a new house in a new city, especially with little ones in tow, can feel like a never-ending rabbit warren. There are so many real-estate companies to choose from in Dubai, but what sets Exclusive Links apart is that it is powered by people rather than profit. 

Run by two amazing women, Louise Heatley and Zarah Evans, Exclusive Links has been around for ages (19 years to be exact!).  They’ve seen it all and know the Dubai property market like the back of their hands.

They’ve been rightly recognised as Dubai’s Women in Leadership by Property Finder and are proud of the thriving culture they have grown within their company that now sits as one of the UAE’s leading brokerage firms.

Exclusive Links isn’t just about closing deals, it’s about building relationships. They offer all the services you need to find the perfect place; from buying a dream home to renting a family-friendly apartment. They’ve been around for a long time, which means they’re the real deal, the experts you can trust. Plus, they take the time to understand what YOU need, which makes everyone happy!

And they take care of everything, from finding the perfect place to dealing with the paperwork.  So, you can ditch the stress and focus on more important things, like exploring all that Dubai has to offer with your little ones!


Whether you’re considering an off-plan property, a resale gem in an established neighbourhood, or a brand-new house straight from the developer, they will give you unbiased advice to find the perfect fit for your budget and your family’s needs.


Finding a fantastic rental in Dubai can feel like winning the lottery. But with Exclusive Links on your side, it doesn’t have to be a gamble! Their RERA-certified agents will help you navigate the market and be in control, working with both landlords and tenants to find flexible solutions that work for everyone.

Property Management

Need someone to take care of your property in Dubai while you’re soaking up the sun elsewhere or visiting family in the UK? Exclusive Links’ team will treat your place like their own, finding reliable tenants, maximising your rental income, and keeping costs down. You can relax knowing your investment is in good hands.


Thinking about investing in an off-plan property? Exclusive Links’ specialists will guide you through a wide selection of exciting new projects, helping you choose one with attractive payment plans and realistic completion dates that fit your expectations.

Holiday Homes

Dubai’s booming tourism industry means your home could become a good source of income when you’re away! Exclusive Links will handle everything if you would want to do this, from managing short-term rentals to ensuring guests have the perfect stay.

To find out more please visit: Trust us, your future self with the keys to an amazing new home will thank you!