Every year, The Holy Month of Ramadan acts as a reminder for us all to help others, be kind and considerate and of course celebrate cultural traditions. With Covid restrictions in place, some of the usual initiatives aren’t running but you can still do your part to help a family in need this Ramadan thanks to The Harvest.ae and Stop & Help Dubai.

The Harvest.ae is a British owned family grocer and they have tailor made grocery gift boxes to feed families of up to 5 people for 10 days, with ingredients suited to various nationalities, including Filipino, Indian, Arab and African. These gift boxes include basics such as oil, flour, rice, pasta, beans, fresh veggies, eggs and milk plus a variety of condiments to suit the ethnicity of the family receiving the gift. The food boxes cost AED 250 and cover food for 10 days, so you’re essentially feeding a family for as little as AED 25 per day!

As mums, we remember all too well the cost of having a baby in the house so there’s also the opportunity to gift a baby box which contains supplies for the little one for the entire month – including formula! We absolutely love this and it’s only AED 200 for a month, which will really help a family out!

The Harvest

All you need to do to get involved is visit www.theharvest.ae/stop-and-help/ and select the gift box you wish to donate. Leave the delivery details blank and the fab team at Stop & Help will match you to a family in need, whilst The Harvest.ae will deliver it on your behalf!  There are also some lovely corporate partners who’ll be matching our individual efforts. So, every time you gift a box, it’ll be supported by a partner who’ll also gift a box, so your donation not only feeds one family – but two!

This Ramadan, we’d love to get British Mums supporting 3,500 families during the Holy Month – if you’d like to get involved, then there’s no time like the present!  The Harvest.ae offer a wide range of services from online groceries, freshly made pies and ready to eat foods to home catering and cooking classes, so certainly worth a browse when you’re donating a gift box.

The Harvest Mango Salad


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