As we approach the start of the new term and after a busy summer, parents need to get organised with school supplies, uniform and planning extra-curricular activities, all whilst remembering we’re still very much in the midst of a global pandemic.

We all view the world differently now. And even though there has been a relative return to ‘normal life’ in recent times thanks to the roll out of vaccines, this generation will unfortunately still be germophobe for a while.

Parents will always be extra attentive when it comes to surfaces, toys and objects that kids are playing with. Just like how they will now perceive all areas that have seen many hands as dangerous – no-one wants to get ill or bring illness into their families. Hygiene is now of the utmost importance to everyone.

Fine Hygienic Holding is a brand that mums can trust. As one of the world’s leading wellness groups, and the region’s leading manufacturer of hygienic paper products for years, they take their responsibilities very seriously.

Having been recently named the “#1 Sterilized Tissue in the World” after winning 20 regional and global awards under the sterilization/hygiene category in 2020, Fine Hygienic Holding is confident in their products and their abilities.

Their tissues are a prime example of consumer trust. Because we use tissues around the eyes, nose and mouth, which are the key entry points of germs into our body, the need for sterilized germ protection is paramount. While ordinary, unsterilized tissues can needlessly expose consumers to harmful bacteria and viruses, Fine Sterilized Facial Tissues eliminate that risk. Every single piece of Fine tissue goes through a sterilization process using their patented SteriPro™ technology which destroys bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms via ultraviolet light in a fully sterile and hygienic production environment. In the current era where science proves that Covid-19 can thrive on unsterilized surfaces for longer periods of time, this process is more important than ever.

Similarly, parents can place their trust in the extensive Fine Guard range of science-based products that allow us to go about our normal lives as best as we can. The Fine Guard Comfort, Fine Guard Kids and Fine Guard Sport reusable face masks use comfortable and breathable material which incorporates a patented technology that kills 99.99% of viruses, and effectively offers complete protection from external infections for one year, or with 30 washes for Comfort and Kids and 50 washes for Sport with hand soap and cold water.

The range doesn’t end there – whether it’s with Fine Guard Ultra Wipes, or Fine Guard PureSurfaces disinfectant spray, these alcohol-free products offer full protection on surfaces such as baby chairs and counter tops, as well as door and tap handles, common touch points, toys and accessories, for 21 days with just a single use. Impressive, right?

Whereas Fine Guard PureHands is a hand sanitizer which offers 24-hours of protection with just one application. Its water-based formula is friendly on the skin too, and your whole family will be safe and germ-free all day from the moment they leave the house, giving you real peace of mind when it comes to the kids.

With Fine Guard Fabric Booster and Fine Guard SteriWashLaundry Disinfectant also protecting clothing and household items, and a special Fine Guard Shoes Disinfectant Wipe to keep that vulnerable floor sanitized, Fine Hygienic Holding offers a full suite of products that keeps the entire household safe. And what’s more, all products have passed stringent testing in established labs and centres around the world, offering genuine benchmarks for safety.

All items are portable and fit in a bag easily, which means you are protected and reassured all year long, regardless of your location. You can take comfort in the fact that all the products in the household range use SteriPro, a safe and non-toxic technology that forms a long-lasting antimicrobial coating which protects you and your loved ones against germs. Fine Hygienic Holding has got the whole household covered, leaving you and your family free to enjoy the next school year with zero concern.


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