From the moment you find out you’ re expecting, there are suddenly lots of things to consider, not least your choice of obstetrician, hospital and birth plan. Choosing the right facility and delivery option for your needs is fundamental to your overall experience, an experience you want to cherish and remember for all the right reasons. For many British mums, finding the right facility to give birth can be the hardest decision to make. Unlike the UK, it’s not so much down to your closest hospital or birthing unit, as you’re never more than 30 minutes away from some of the best hospitals here in Dubai, but more down to the level of care and support you wish to receive.

Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai Silicon Oasis are offering something quite unique to Dubai through their convertible suites or birthing centres. The benefit of these convertible suites is that they provide you the opportunity to labour, deliver and recover all within the same room, with your family by your side, and with no unnecessary or uncomfortable mid-labour moves to a different room or ward.The hospitals birthing centre boasts several luxury rooms as well as a dedicated operating theatre and fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit, led by an experienced consultant neonatologist and a team of experienced specialist nurses. Each room has been meticulously designed to accommodate all kinds of births and are fully equipped for handling minor emergencies and procedures, as well as featuring life-saving resuscitation equipment for new-born babies too.

Fakeeh University Hospital’s holistic approach to birth includes a midwife led programme for mothers who are considering a less medicated labour, they also offer the choice of water birthing, a popular choice amongst mums looking to deliver naturally, by decreasing the need for epidural and significantly lowering the chance of stress incontinence post-delivery. The after care continues with their parenthood programme which provides new and existing parents with the latest information, tools and support to strengthen their parenting skills.

So now that you’re happy with your choice of facility, let’s meet your obstetrician.

Dr. Ghassan Lotfi is Swedish-Finnish from Lebanon and has over 30 years’ experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr. Ghassan specialises in advanced minimally invasive surgeries, surgical treatment of gynaecological cancers and manages complex obstetric cases including caesarean deliveries of high-risk placenta pathologies previa, accreta/percreta and has been practicing in Dubai since 2010 in private hospitals as well as DHA Latifa hospital.

Dr. Alaa Younus Mohammed is a Canadian specialist obstetrician with over 20 years’ experience, 15 of which within the Gulf region. Specialising in both low and high-risk pregnancies, caesarean section on premature babies and patients with repeated caesarean section, pre-conceptual counselling and recurrent miscarriage treatment, Dr. Alaa also has vast experience of teaching medical students at both Latifa and Al Dhaid hospitals.

Whilst it’s great to have all of this information, there’s sometimes nothing better than a genuine review to help in making such an important decision. One of our fabulous British mums; Emma Tate, was fortunate to have been the first to deliver at the new birthing centre at Fakeeh University Hospital and here is what she had to say about her experience;

“I recently gave birth to my third child, the cutest and the most handsome baby boy, Beau, at Fakeeh University Hospital. We highly recommend this hospital, from the second we were referred to the hospital, the prenatal, birth and postnatal care was excellent and as a couple we felt fully supported throughout our whole experience. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were highly experienced and nothing was a problem. Beau was on the NICU ward for the first 48 hours and the team were incredibly kind, caring and supportive throughout his time on the ward. We were so lucky that this hospital has now opened in our community and we will continue to have our regular baby check- ups at the hospital.”

The birthing centres at Fakeeh University Hospital aim to provide a safe and soothing environment to welcome your little one into the world, promoting bonding between mum and baby from the first minute of life, supporting mums with breastfeeding if possible and educating parents about newborn care and safety.

With a NICU neonatal intensive care unit, highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment, along with Well-baby and child clinics, FUH can provide support for all pediatric patient’s needs from birth until 16 years of age.

Complimentary Women’s Health Consultation for British Mums 

British Mums can book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ghassan Lotfi or Dr. Alaa Younus before 19th June 2021.  Book an appointment by visiting or calling 04 414 4444 or via their app FUH Care.


To find out more about this state-of the-art hospital please visit or call 04 414 44 44.


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