It’s summer and Eid Holidays is just around the corner, time to get packing again for your family’s annual vacation! But wait, you have kids and no matter if it’s your first, second, or even fifth trip with them, travelling with children can be as fastidious. From planning on what to pack and how to get there, travelling with children is always rife with potential fret.

However, there are some noteworthy tips that can help you prepare for your journey and eventually save your sanity. Below, we’ve listed down the top things that you should keep in mind when travelling with your little tots in tow.

Planning Is Everything

One can never be overly prepared when travelling with children. Whether you are going out of the country or want to opt for the more convenient staycation, planning will always be the key.

Documents – as expats, we always need to keep this on top of our planning list. Make sure that your passports are updated to avoid delays in time of travel. Most countries require a 6 months passport validity in time of travel, so you might want to have your papers double checked.

Booking ahead can give you ample time to check the accommodation amenities, plan your activities, and tweak your itinerary. Will it be pool vs sea? City vs countryside? Theme parks vs nature? The choice is endless, just ensure that everyone in your family will enjoy the activity that the place has to offer.

Pack Wisely

Your nappy bag is considered as a carry-on bag hence we say pack wisely, you wouldn’t want to run out of room for your travel essentials just because you packed something excessively.

Many airports allow milk and baby formula to be carried through security points in a container over 100ml. However, it is still worth checking with the airports that you will be travelling through just to be sure.

Nappies are a must-have when travelling with kids. It can be especially challenging when your little one is potty training so maybe you would want to include some pull ups into your nappy bag. And don’t forget wipes, yes, it’s like every mums’ Swiss Army knife, pack a generous amount of it.

Long haul flights can bore your drive your kids to the verge of outbursts so make sure you pack a considerable number of snacks and entertainment. Toys, colouring books, gadgets, etc. can be your lifesaver. Just be careful though in packing your little one’s snacks, avoid the sugary ones. You wouldn’t want a child with a sugar rush in the middle of a long-haul flight.

Lastly, and one of the most important thing to consider, is your baby gear. Strollers? Car seats? Or baby carriers. There are so many options for lightweight strollers to save your little one’s legs from long walks like, BabyZen Yoyo+ and Baby Jogger City Tour are just some of them. Or you can also opt for ride on suitcases like Trunki, parents swear by this as it also entertains kids on long queues and waiting time. But if you prefer keeping your child close to you then go for the traditional slings and baby carriers. Don’t forget your muslins too!

Take Your Time – Allot Extra Time Between A to B

Whether you are getting to the airport or sightseeing, always allot extra time in between. Kids love to explore, specially toddlers, and they don’t care about the time pressures when travelling. So, you are more likely to give a portion of your itinerary dedicated to some faffing, toilet stops, stalling, and tantrums.

Enjoy, Savour The Moment, Create Memories

Whilst the idea of travelling with kids can be overwhelming, the important thing to remember is to have fun and savour the moment. After all, they won’t be little for far too long and before you know it they will be planning the trips on their own.

Have as much fun as you can because travelling with kids is not as daunting as we think it is, it may be overwhelming, but it will end. You will get there and you will survive with flying colours.

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