Here’s some exciting news for gym-go’ers in Dubai; No longer will we have to sell a kidney just to afford to stay fit, as as the largest and most AFFORDABLE Gymnation Dubai is opening it’s doors in March!

It comes as welcome news (and long overdue for Dubai we might add) that pocket-friendly Gymnation is launching their fab new gym that’s double the size and yet half the price of other gyms with an opening offer of just AED99 a month if you join now.

That’s a steal in these hard times – particularly as they’ve got over 500 pieces of the latest generation MATRIX equipment and wait for it…. more than 200 FREE CLASSES included in the price every month as well as a much needed separate ladies-only gym, studio areas AND expert Personal Trainers on hand every single day to help us achieve our fitness goals.


Yes we did! And they’re fab calorie-busting ones too. In their 3 studios there is dedicated Spinning, as well as popular Les Mills classes including BODYPUMP using barbells, BODYATTACK (that’s lots of athletic moves but is just as good for beginners as it is for gym-bunnies), BODYBALANCE that incorporates elements of Thai Chi and Pilates in with Yoga and GRIT that’s a HIIT Class, and loads more!

The Gymnation studios are kitted out with state of the art sound to pump out fab, energising music to really get you on the move and speaking of state of the art, have you ever gone to the gym for a class but there isn’t one you fancy? Well get this – there’s even a dedicated studio where you can join classes WHENEVER you please, delivered by a virtual instructor on their hi-tech screens – love it!

This gym’s got something for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, whether you want to lose weight after Christmas, (cough, cough), tone up for the beach, gain muscle for a Triathlon or generally just improve your Super Mum strength and endurance, they’ve got the lot in a friendly, supportive environment with instructors that won’t be checking out what gym gear you wear but WILL be giving you a helping hand.

But is there a catch? Nope! You don’t need to commit to going all year round and their price model’s really fair; You can sign up now for 12 months starting in March when they open for just AED99 a month (it’s normally AED149) and with no registration fee too, it makes Gymnation Dubai’s most affordable place to get fit yet!

But if however, you only want to dip in and out joining Gymnation whenever you want, it’s no problem too as you can cancel and rejoin with no fixed term commitments for AED199 a month. At that price, their membership’s are as flexible as their yoga instructors – and they’re on a SERIOUS mission to help us get in shape- without having to take out a mortgage!


Let’s be honest, it’s not just the price that’s a factor when deciding on the gym. Working out DOES take some motivation and going to the gym isn’t always easy by yourself. For many of us, it becomes a mental battle to either get out of bed an hour early and hit the gym before going to work or a mission to resist the temptation of skipping the gym entirely.

It’s sooooo much easier if you’ve booked a spot in a class or an appointment with a good PT, and that way you’re committed to turning up, and are therefore much more likely to go! There’s more fab news when it comes to Personal Training as Gymnation are offering a 3 x 30 minute starter pack for AED199 (which includes a towel and a T-shirt). We’re assured that they’ve signed up some of the best Personal Trainers in Dubai (and there might just be some names you recognise!)

PT’s are worth their weight in gold if it’s nutritional advice you’re after, you need motivation or even that all-important form correcting. At Gymnation you’ll have a Personal Trainer that knows their stuff, who has your session planned out for you (not any old plan that they’ve found off the internet,) and delivering it tailored exactly towards your fitness goals.

We like Gymnatjon’s ethos – it’s all about keeping costs down for members and getting their members results. Of course, you’re unlikely to leave a gym if you see progress, so getting the right PT is important – with the right person by your side, there’s a fair chance you’ll be a happier member of the gym for longer and therefore their PT’s will be offering those who want it, specially created diet plans and a platform to monitor your carb, protein and fat intake. Double love it!

In fact, their PT’s pledge to have a ton of lovely tricks and tips in their lockers to find the best exercises that are right, and relevant, for all ages and strengths, and they’ll even crank up your workout a notch or two so that when you exercising at a higher intensity you’ll burn more calories in a shorter space of time and that means better results!

Gymnation is located right next door to Bounce in Al Quoz and is only 100 metres down the slip road from the Sheikh Zayed Road sigh posted for Times Square Mall. There’s plenty of parking in the basement area and it’s equipped with showers and changing rooms with hairdryers and vanity counters meaning you can work out and go straight on to the school run or shopping. (Oh, and cleanliness is high on their agenda too, so you shouldn’t find any grubbiness here!)

Don’t be surprised if this proves popular as there’s limited availability for this promo. To sign up for the AED99 a month special offer, check out or call them on 0552132850 or email them at

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