Why did you choose this neighbourhood initially?

Through a friend and my husband’s colleague that already lived here (although most people warned me against living here due to the infamous roundabout!)

Is your neighbourhood fully developed?

It’s fully developed in Green Community East and West but there are building works underway for the new metro station and Green Community Phase 3 to open soon as well as the new roundabout replacement flyovers.

Please provide a brief description of the playground facilities and parks in your neighbourhood?

Playgrounds are okay but could definitely use some updating for smaller children as not too many with shades and sparse equipment but on the plus side there are beautiful, green community spaces ideal for walking, cycling and running that make up for everything.

Describe the communal facilities in your neighbourhood (pool and gyms etc).

Excellent facilities. Clean pools and lots of them, tennis and basketball courts are great but the communal gyms could do with an improvement in West.

Have you found it easy to meet mums in your neighbourhood?

Yes! Through school contacts and Green Community Facebook pages. I’ve also met Mums just from being around the community pool.

What are the names of the closest and most recommended schools and nurseries to your neighbourhood?

Dovecote Green Primary School, Greenfield Community School and Nibras schools and The Children’s Garden bilingual nursery.  Then it’s a 15 minute drive to Foremarke, Jebel Ali, Nord Anglia and many more schools.

What are the names of the closest and most recommended supermarkets to your neighbourhood?

A large Choithrams is on the doorstep as well as Carrefour, Spinneys and the huge Park & Shop – we are spoilt for choice.

What are the names of your closest and most recommended local restaurants to your neighbourhood?

We have the Courtyard Marriott walking distance away and there are plenty of local restaurants in The Market centre which is positioned around a Lake.

What are the names of the closest and most recommended clinics and hospitals to your neighbourhood?

GMC Clinic and dentist in The Market mall walking distance and the NMC Hospital 2 minutes drive too.

How long does it take you on average to reach the Mall of the Emirates?

15-20 Min

How long does it take you on average to reach the nearest beach from your neighbourhood?

15-20 Min

How long does it take you on average to reach Dubai International Airport?

20-30 Min

How far away is your nearest metro station and bus stop?

A bus stop is just outside the gate so very close and it takes 15 mins to Ibn Battuta. The nearest metro currently is Ibn Batuta but we’ll have our own next year.

What is the traffic like during rush hours out of and into your neighbourhood?

Pretty good but will be excellent once the roadworks are completed on GC roundabout area.

Can taxis easily find your neighbourhood?


What are the 3 best things about living in your neighbourhood?

The facilities are great and shops and amenities all around. It has a great community spirit and it’s such a lush, green environment living up to its name.

What are the 3 worst things about living in your neighbourhood?:

Emicool bills for aircon can be high. Community gardeners undertake aggressive hacking of community trees and bushes and there’s no Waitrose!