80% of women worldwide are blessed with either natural waves or curls. British mums grew up ‘scrunching with the difuser’ but we’ve by far outgrown that! We want to look good with minimal effort but the curly haired amongst us can often end up looking messy and frizzy – especially with Dubai’s humidity. So aside from having some trusty GHD’s up our sleeve, what are the top tips for curly tresses? 

Many British trained stylists would agree that unfortunately there are some hairstylists are not taught how to work with curly hair. Therefore, they can blow dry, straighten, iron, and chemically alter curly hair into submission.

Celebrating curls ultimately means less damage to your hair, and eventually less time spent styling; and each curl texture and pattern deserve respect and understanding. 

Did you know there are over 8 types of curls? Botticelli, corkscrew, zig zag, loose z wave, cherub, etc? No, neither did we. Different curl textures and patterns require a different technique and here are a few of our favourite curly hair tips:

1. Don’t: brush your hair. Curly hair is a lot more prone to breakage because the hair cuticle is facing in different directions. Brushing it can cause hair breakage and cause even more frizz. Be gentle with your hair, and if you need to separate your curls, use a wide tooth comb or even better- just your fingers. 

2. Do: Hair care experts all agree that you should shampoo your hair as infrequently as possible. If you have fine hair, you can wash it every other day but concentrate on your scalp. For medium to thick hair, you can get away with using shampoo once a week and only rinsing your hair with water on other days.

3. Do: Trim your hair every two to three months. This keeps the ends looking fresh and healthy, especially since curly hair is especially dry. 

4. Do: Redefine your curls even if you don’t wash your hair. After a hot shower, stay in there a few more minutes to let the steam soak into your hair. This will rejuvenate your curls, and you should then apply styling cream as soon as you get out of the shower, working from the ends up (don’t apply too much styling cream to your roots). 

5. Do: cut long layers into your shape to lighten your hair and make it look less bottom heavy. Be careful not to cut layers that are too short or you could end up with overly puffy hair! The biggest mistake stylists can make when trying to “deal” with curly hair, is to accidentally cut curly hair into a pyramid or mushroom shape- this happens when the stylist does not understand or compensate for the curl spring factor, knowing how curls will react once the weight has been released. The shortest length of layer should ideally be at your chin, so be sure to find a stylist who is very experienced with curls. 

6. Don’t: let anyone cut your hair with a razor. Never, ever! This technique is wonderful in the experienced hands of a stylist when done on straight hair- however on curly hair, it roughens up the hair cuticle and makes it very prone to frizziness and breakage.

7. Do: Use moisturising hair products that contain ingredients like shea butter, palm oil and avocado oil. Look out for hair products that are made especially for curly hair. 

8. Do: Condition once in the shower with a moisturising conditioner and then use a leave-in conditioner when you’re out of the shower. Conditioner is your BFF and it helps to lock in moisture by creating a humidity barrier for your hair. Once a week use a deep conditioning hair masque. Our favourite is Frederik Fekkai, not commonly scouted in Dubai. 

9. Don’t: use any shampoo with sulfates. 

10. Do: invest in a good styling cream and anti-frizz lotion. This will add the final step before you go outside to seal your hair cuticle; this prevents frizz and keeps out unwanted moisture. If your hair is fine, use a water-based product. If your hair is medium to thick, look for something silicone based.

11. Do: Air dry your hair whenever you can. After getting out of the shower, apply leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz cream. Then twist small sections of your hair around your fingers to create soft ringlets. Hold for 15-20 seconds and release. Try not to touch or mess with your hair until it’s dry so the curls remain defined.

12. Do: Not be afraid to heat style your hair; invest in a diffuser attachment for your hairdryer. 

13. Do: On days where you don’t want to style your hair, rock the messy bun! This looks amazing on curly haired girls because of the natural volume in your hair. Pull out a few tendrils around your face for a softer look, and just simply twist hair up loosely and pin with bobby pins! Voila! 

So there you go… Embrace curls and have luscious locks. What are your best tips? 

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