As a mum, you are the Managing Director of your household. You make sure your kids are getting their greens, are off to their different sport groups, music lessons, playdates and vaccinations. You are teaching them good values, table manners and social skills – on top of running the household and working on your career.

All these responsibilities mean you often go through life never taking the time to define yourself and your life, and thus never having a clear direction, struggling with following through and settling for less than you deserve.

Life Coach and mum of two, Danielle Smith, has worked with many women and mums like you, to bring about positive improvements to their lives and she’s shared three ways you can benefit from enlisting the help of a Life Coach.

Gaining clarity on what is truly important

In all the chaos of modern life and the ever-present pressure to perform in your role at work and home, a mum’s personal dreams and ambitions can get lost. Coaching can help in prioritising the time needed to reflect on your life and gain clarity on what is truly important. It can be your time to focus on where you can grow stronger and work on techniques on how to get more things done, with less stress and a more mindful outlook than ever before.

Developing inner confidence

Improving your confidence and developing a healthy self-image are important goals for succeeding at work, creating a healthy lifestyle and strengthening your relationships with family and friends. Knowing your own worth, raising your standards and seeing yourself as someone who deserves the best out of life, will empower you and drive you towards your greatest goal.

Create positive improvements

Coaching brings about positive improvements in  your life and Danielle has helped many women who have all  succeeded in their own way, be it finally going after their dream job, lifting their business to the next level, finding more happiness and fulfillment in their day to day life, getting to know themselves or discovering their passion and purpose.

Enlisting a Life Coach can make all the difference in turning your life around and finding new success and happiness. Danielle is offering a special promotion for British Mums members where you can get 50% more coaching hours when you sign up for a life coaching package before or during January 2020! Packages include 6 hours for the price of 4 (aed 2750) or 12 hours for the price of 8 (aed 5500) and Danielle will focus on helping you reach your goals and dreams or New Year Resolutions.

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