It’s not going to shock you (we hope) that if you don’t have a basic marketing strategy in place, potential customers won’t even know you exist. But there are as many possible marketing methods as there are marketing agencies in Dubai. So, how do you figure out what’s worth your money and what to avoid? Luckily, there are a few tried and trusted avenues to investigate when you’re ready to get the word out there.

As you can imagine, there are about a billion different ways to market products and service, from the freshly innovative to the downright ridiculous. Navigating through these marketing streams can leave you feeling like you’re drowning, so we’ve cleared the waters for you a bit with a look at digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

In the digital world, your website is your virtual storefront and just like your physical premises (or your branding if you don’t have a physical location), your potential customers expect to see something professional with easy to find information. That means it’s probably not a great idea to have your nephew’s college room mate’s sister build your site (unless she’s a professional website developer). The good news is that you don’t need an intricate or super-fancy website. If the budget is a bit tight, look for a web design agency that offers a range of templates such as WordPress from which they can build a great looking, professional site.

Of course, your website should have direct links to your social media. And there’s one thing to know about social media: you need to have a presence on most, if not all, platforms. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, at least. Today’s consumers expect businesses to be actively engaged with them through social media. Part of your job as a new business owner is building your audience through these platforms, which will create brand recognition and momentum.

But be careful not to rely on posts that only scream “Sale! Sale! Sale!” at your potential customers. It’s a big turnoff. Instead, focus on content that educates your target market about how your products or services can help solve a problem. All of that being said, resist the temptation to forego a website in favour of just having a Facebook page for your business. It looks a bit untrustworthy and lacks credibility.

What do you put on your website and social media feeds?

Out in the digital frontier, content is king. Your target market now expects you to be providing information not only about your company and your products and services, but also about your industry and its related sectors. All of your content should show your potential customers how knowledgeable and trustworthy you are, or they’ll be hesitant to handover their hard earned Dirhams.

We know digital marketing can feel both really easy and overwhelmingly difficult at the same time and since you only get once chance to make a first (digital) impression, really consider meeting with professionals. Reputable digital marketing agencies will have a range of options, and there’s likely to be something that works within your budget. As you claim your digital space, getting it right the first time turns your target market into real-life customers.