If your child (or niece/nephew/friend) received their A level results yesterday and there’s disappointment in the results they achieved, there is likely to be some worry about obtaining a degree and what the future holds for their career prospects.

Here is my perspective, as a mum and a HR professional….it is NOT the be all and end all. If they aren’t going to Uni for whatever reason. It DOES NOT mean that this is it…..the end!

There are many many ways of achieving success professionally and a degree might mean a possibly quicker/straight forward path….but what really defines success is GRIT and DETERMINATION.

I have personally helped recruit so many people that are not graduates, but their passion for the role and determination to succeed shone. I will continue to do so….

Yes, applying for jobs through the traditional channels may not work, nor will a traditional CV (so to speak)…..but thinking outside the box will! Getting professional qualifications will work!

So if someone you love has woken up feeling a little bit disappointed after the results….I want them to know that there’s hope.ww w

I believe in having faith in yourself and that there is nothing (within reason) that hard work can’t overcome. I also believe that we are all special, and will blossom at different times. Degree or no degree. Think outside the box, believe in yourself.

Written by British mum and Senior HR and Management Consultant at GGC Consulting, Dubai, Rohini Bhalla-Gill.

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