It might be March, but as the mass exodus of the summer season approaches, many Dubai families are preparing their next move, whether that be heading back home to the UK or embracing the next adventure. With all the excitement (and no doubt apprehension), lies the practical decisions of what to take, what to leave or sell and how to control costs while getting the best value for money. 

Crown Relocations understand the importance of getting from A to B without breaking the bank, and have worked with British Mums to put together a comprehensive cost-saving guide with tips on how they can help you save those pennies.

Assessing Your Inventory: What NOT to Take

Start by decluttering; if you haven’t opened those boxes since your last move, do you really need to ship them again? Tackle the ‘stuff’ drawers, storage areas and old kids’ toys; this will reduce the volume and make your new start simpler. You may also want to consider the practicality of furniture items – that corner sofa set may look fabulous in your current villa or apartment, but how well will it fit back home, and will it ‘fit’ at all?

Choosing the Right Container Size

Once you’ve selected what to take, Crown Relocations move experts will help you in choosing the right container size for your family’s needs, as costs associated with container sizes can vary significantly.

A 20 ft container holds 30 cbm, while a 40 ft doubles that to 60 cbm. Consider the 40 ft HC container with 70 cbmcapacity for even more space, and if all else fails, there’s a whopping 45 ft container that holds up to 80 cbmperfect for the family with everything!

Shared Container Services: Maximising Efficiency, Minimising Costs

If you don’t need a full container, Crown Relocations’ shared container services are a popular alternative, meaning you only pay for the space you need, which reduces individual costs without compromising on the quality of the packing and destination service. Right now, sea freight rates are high due to the Red Sea crisis, this option can help to reduce the risk of additional costs.

Smart Pack Solutions

If you’re taking high-value or fragile items Crown Relocations Smart Pack solution offers a specialist alternative to the traditional wooden crate, achieving a perfect balance in protecting your fragile belongings without unnecessary expense. Smart Pack materials are fully recyclable, which means avoiding additional charges at many destinations with this secure, sustainable solution. 

More than a Logistics Company 

Crown Relocations go beyond what is expected of a logistics company, committed to cost efficiency without sacrificing quality, so if you’re at that point of starting to think about moving to pastures new, remember to budget wisely and acknowledge there will be inherent costs associated with the move.

But with Crown’s expert team of Move Managers by your side, they’ll guide you through each step of the journey, providing personalised support and expertise and saving you money without compromising on excellence.

Ready to Move? 

Contact Crown Relocations on 800 27696, email or click here for more information on how they can support your upcoming move.

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