If the time is looming for you to leave Dubai and start thinking about moving back home, or if you’re off to pastures new, then you can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start with everything!

Crown Relocations is part of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and with a global presence in over 54 countries, they’ve been in the UAE since the mid-80s!

Crown have got a BIG reputation for moving families back home and a nice motto to go with it – “Go knowing.”

Go knowing to a place that’s unfamiliar to you, or go knowing what happens in the moving process itself, (which is not to be underestimated!) Shipping your precious personal effects out of the UAE (and maybe your cars or pets too) is not for the faint-hearted, unless you have expert help of course!

Some of us expats have accumulated many personal possessions; things that are maybe too large to take back to possibly smaller homes in the UK and many of us will dread having to start a thorough clear out before we start getting a moving quote.

The “big” move may bring with it some challenges: securing the right moving company and insurance to move you, getting the keys to your new home, being offered those elusive school places, and not least deciding what to take with you and what to leave behind – there are lots of important decisions!

Crown Relocations can help with transportation, destination settling in and immigration services, but also invaluable support services to assist families that are relocating internationally and domestically to “Go knowing.”

Their team of move managers all over the world are advocates for the cities they’re in and they’re a pretty determined bunch who want to make every single move a complete success! Because they have 200 offices globally, “being there” can mean much more than simply just being there on the ground. During every relocation, the team at Crown aims to support families with guidance and genuine care to help you find your feet again and lessen disruption to your family.

They have the experience to know what makes a good move through moving families and helping them settle in for over half a century. They’ll guide you on the type of container that suits your family best and depending on the items you wish to take, it could be a 20 ft (foot) container that holds up to 30 cbm (cubic metres), a 40 ft container that holds up to 60 cbm, or there’s also a 40 ft HC (high cube) container that holds up to 70 cbm. If all else fails, there’s a whopping 45 ft container that holds up to 80 cbm – (and that’s even big enough for the family that has everything!)

You can opt for sole container usage or one of their popular concepts is a shared container known as “groupage.”

Regardless of the volume of goods you’re shipping back with you, groupage means that packing and pricing can be more flexible because you only pay for the space that you use. This option can be more cost effective and is especially popular with families who plan to sell items before moving but are conscious that it might not all go according to plans.

Dubai has a LOT of British expats that are that are constantly moving in and out of the UK, and therefore the UK traffic lane is an extremely popular one, meaning that you can typically expect to wait 6-8 weeks for a door to door service (via groupage), whatever the time of year.

When it comes to the big day, Crown uses state of the art packing materials which are also all eco-friendly. When the day for packing your extra precious items arrives, you’ve got no need to worry that they won’t reach your destination in one piece as Crown aim for an end-to-end digital experience, offering a unique ePacking system that digitally itemises your inventory and scans it at every point on it’s journey.

By using a barcode scanner, camera and barcoded labels, images are also taken before disassembly to assist destination delivery crews in reassembly. High value items are also captured so that no damage occurs in transit and this digital inventory ensures that accuracy is high.

To offer peace of mind, they also provide transit marine insurance called CrownCare Protection program.. Any incidents arising to a claim would be handled and paid by your dedicated Crown Mobility Advisor at your destination in super-fast time, and to save you money on your all-important move, British Mums members can now redeem the following discounts offered:

10% discount on international moves

20% discount on arrival, settling in (home and school search) & departure assistance (closure of rental and related services.)

0.5% discount on Crown Care transit insurance.

The following Terms & Conditions apply:

This offer is valid for all moves up until 31st December 2018 in all Emirates.

During the enquiry or pre-move survey please mention the British Mums members only discount code “British Mums” in order to be eligible for the discount.

You will need to fill the free online moving quote form here or email
dubai@crownrelo.com or call
+971 4 2305300

Do remember that Transfer of Residence Relief (ToR01) is compulsory before packing & loading to UK. Before your move, you will need to apply for this here.

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