As a mum you innately worry about every scenario. It’s ingrained in you from the moment your children are born, ever more so on that terrifying first drive home from the hospital (not that it’s usually us mums driving!) We always want to make sure safety is paramount, especially when driving, and driving in Dubai has definitely sent our mum safety radar into high alert.

So, how can we protect our children on some of the busiest roads in the world? One easy way is to ensure you buy the perfect car seat. Luckily our partners at Mumzworld have helped us create a great guide to choosing the right car seat for your family, which makes it far easier to make that all-important decision.

There are lots of contributing factors to consider such as achild’s weight/height, car size, pushchair compatibility, convertibility and budget, so it often can be a minefield – where do you start?

First of all, you need to look at your own car and ask yourself: what types of seats are there? How many are there? How big are the seats? Looking at this before you start will help make sure you buy a car seat that is the right fit for your car.

Next you have to decide whether you would want a car seat that converts from rear facing (as all babies require rear facing to start with) to forward facing as they grow, or would you want a fixed seat so you can purchase the next stage when needed.

Another factor to consider is your pushchair or travel system. Travel systems are super handy as they use adaptors to fit the car seats into the pushchair frame. Although babies should only spend a limited time in a car seat, these are ideal if you are having to do the school run or popping out quickly to save having to unclip and carry the car seat about (and we all know how heavy they can get!)

Looking at the safety features is a must too! Looking at the harness type along with the head support can help indicate the level of protection. One thing to bear in mind are the straps, how easy are they to adjust as your baby grows? And for those babies that are prone to travel sickness, look for a car seat with removable covers too, we’ve learnt the hard way!

You will need to bear in mind your budget too, which is handy as Mumzworld have an exclusive 10% discount to British Mums members on all orders when using code LOVEBM (up to AED 75). Which does make the budget element of choosing a car seat slightly easier too, and let’s face it, as Brits we all love a discount code!

British Mums have been working in partnership with Mumzworld to provide our members with access to all ofthose everyday essentials every mum needs. Everything from toys to nappies and most items can be delivered the same daywith use of the Yalla feature! Mumzworld have a great selection of car seats to suit all types of family needs and if you use the discount code LOVEBM you will receive 10% off (up to AED 75) your order, easy peasy!