Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate, and there are many great Easter activities for families. Whether you’re a family who loves being in the kitchen, you want something a little more active, or you’re happy to snuggle up on the couch and watch Netflix, these family Easter activities will have you feeling the joy of the holiday, even during these difficult and uncertain times.

Make your own Easter egg tree

The Easter egg tree is a symbol of new life and has been a tradition for centuries. In Germany where this holiday tradition originated, it’s common to see many homes with full-blown decorated trees during the season. As the rest of the world caught on, people started using different ways to create their version of the Easter tree. So why not make your own Easter egg tree this year?

Have a look at some of these beautiful options!

Make homemade treats and gifts for baskets

Easter baskets are a tradition in many households, especially those with little ones. Although we aren’t going to shops for non-essential items right now, we can still treat those in our family with thoughtful baskets full of goodies. Homemade cakes and sweet treats can be made (if we have the right ingredients!) and crafts and homemade cards are lots of fun to make.  If you want to order in, M&S Food and SugarMoo have some lovely Easter goodies on sale!

Have a look at these 22 unconventional Easter basket ideas and these Easter gift ideas.

Plan an Easter egg hunt

Plastic eggs filled with sweets fill many homes on Easter morning. The eggs don’t have to go empty because our movements are restricted. It doesn’t have to be just chocolate and sweets, pieces of a puzzle, jokes to bring laughter or stickers to brighten up spaces. Consider doing a scavenger hunt, to see who can find the most eggs of each colour, or in a certain place, or within a certain amount of time.  To make life even easier, In The Detail Events are offering a FREE Easter Themed Clue Treasure Hunt – just send them a PM on Facebook and they will send to you!

Get creative, but don’t put too much pressure on traditional holiday activities. If you don’t have eggs it will be okay; if you don’t have sweets it will be okay. It’s doing things together that mean the most to all who participate.  Relax and have fun!

Prepare a special meal

Families and friends traditionally gather on Easter, many bringing different favourite recipes to share. With everyone celebrating separately this year, try to re-create one or two of those traditional dishes shared annually. Enjoy listening to what everyone’s favourites are and collecting the traditional recipes. At the very least, we can gather with the people in our homes to prepare and share a meal. Reach out to those living alone to connect via facetime or video chat and “virtually” share a meal.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be the traditional Easter meal you would have had with a larger family celebration. Your family will remember the time you have together and will understand if some traditional items are missing.

Here’s 57 creative Easter dinner ideas.

Reform Easter Delivery

Don’t fancy cooking?  Then get an Easter feast delivered to your door!  Reform Social & Grill are delivering Easter Baskets on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th April including fresh, homemade cross buns with sugar free jam, a selection of cold cuts, Reform chutneys and your traditional lamb, chicken or beef roast, complete with all the Easter trimmings!  Only AED 390 for a family of 4 and you can even add on craft packs for the kids starting at only AED 60.  Whatsapp your order (24 hours in advance) to 052 941 117.

Bake something sweet

A tasty dinner isn’t the only thing your family can make in the kitchen. Why not try a new dessert recipe that will be just as fun to make as it will be to eat? Or, better yet, pick two Easter desserts and divide the family into teams to see which recipe everyone likes better. The biggest face-off of the season could be between Team Cookies and Team Cake. It’s all fun and games when dessert is involved!

Try one of these 50+ easy Easter desserts  or even have a go at making your own Easter egg!

Have the kids put on a show

Show off your family talents! Get the kids to put on their version of the story of Easter or make up their own story that they have thought out!  A show can be a fun way to allow the children to get their creative juices flowing and for the adults to enjoy and feel proud of their little ones!  For babies and toddlers, an Easter finger puppet show will provide lots of smiles and giggles!

Get creative

Crafting is a great way to relax and to really tap into your imagination, and these Easter crafts will do just that. Bring the whole family around the kitchen table for an afternoon filled with creativity and crafting!  Make your own Easter Bonnets, paint some eggs or make your own Easter bunny! Having a fun activity is a great way to spend time together as family and to create your own unique Easter traditions.

Have a look at these 40+ simple Easter crafts for kids.  Qidz also have some great ideas and free downloads of things to create at home!  Download the app now . 

Where to find Easter eggs in Dubai

You can find some fab Easter egg options at Spinneys, Waitrose, M&S, Carrefour and Park n Shop.

What are you planning with your family this Easter? We’d love to know!