It’s International Women’s Day, which gives us the perfect opportunity to sing the praises of a British Mum we are inspired by, motivated by, and impressed by every single day.

A woman that has left friends and family overseas to start a new life in the desert. Perhaps to start a family – or perhaps with children already in tow – but either way, now an expat mother, finding her way in a brand new city, in a brand new part of the world.

A woman that shows strength and courage every single day – whether that’s overcoming homesickness, overcoming inevitable hurdles of expat living, or overcoming nose-to-nose traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road (with tired kids in the back of the car).

She probably doesn’t realise it, but she is an adventurer and an explorer. She discovers new parts of the city every day, taking turns she’s never taken before, driving down roads she’s never driven down before, and discovering parts of the city she has never stepped foot in before.

And she’s a mother. And whether she is working long hours in an office – or staying at home with the children every single day –  she puts her children’s happiness and wellbeing way above her own. She worries, she feels guilt, she doubts herself, and she often counts down the hours until bedtime – but above all, she loves fiercely and unequivocally. Just like every other mother, in every other corner of the world.

She isn’t just inspirational to other mothers – but she’s inspirational to her children too. And whilst days can often seem long and exhausting, her children will eventually grow up – and they will remember a brave, kind, and exceptional woman who raised them in this dusty, fabulous, and exotic part of the world.

So who is this woman?

She’s you, of course.


Because you are stronger, braver, and more adventurous than you ever give yourself credit for. And bringing up your children overseas, without a text book on hand on how to be the perfect expat mum, isn’t easy – but you are managing perfectly. And that is admirable and inspirational to so many others around you.

But life doesn’t always seem easy. We understand that, because we feel exactly the same. Phone and video calls to loved ones never seem enough, visits from family members come to an end too quickly, trips back to the UK too short, tears at the airport are heartbreaking, and discussions about returning to UK life end up going round in circles. And despite the sunshine, the quality of life, and the friendships we have created out here in the desert, we all have moments where we wonder if we have made the best choices.

But in the good moments, you shine with confidence and positivity – and you are inspiring so many others. The British Mums that start businesses. Those that go back to work when their babies are small. Those that stay at home all day to raise armies of little people. Those that write inspirational posts, that respond to pleas, that go out of their way to help other British Mums in need.

You probably don’t realise it, but you are truly inspiring – and on International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate that.

We want to celebrate you.

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