Education is hard and we have different ways of learning. Imagine how this must feel for our children who not only have to understand academics at school but creative subjects along with ever-changing technology?

CBH Education is a global tuition agency that offers bespoke learning to help students have a better understanding of biology and the pharmaceutical industry. Adam Ali formed CBH Education to help support students who are lacking certain skills to help them pursue a career in the sciences, drawing on his own experience from many years working in large pharmaceutical companies. Having taught in both state schools and private schooling sector, Adam uses his experiences from real life industry, teaching and his own background of struggling to better support students who find learning tricky.

Specialising in Biology for International A-Level, IB-Level and A-Level, CBH Education is perfect if your child is wanting to explore and better understand biology and the pharmaceutical industry but needs a little support. Due to the complexity of the subjects, they understand the difficulties as exam questions require a lot of thought and all of the information can be overwhelming for young minds

Not the typical tuition agency, the lessons are interactive to accommodate all student’s needs. All lessons are taught online with many students from various countries and prices start from as little as £60 so are an affordable way to help support your child. To make the education experience, there is an initial 30-minute consultation where the team go through your specific needs and the difficulties you face.

If you are interested to find out more of how CBH Education can support your child, simply message through InstagramFacebook, or visit the website