Lots of British mums are crafty, clever and very talented mums who no doubt have skills that the rest of us don’t have!

You may be a photographer, a cake maker, a therapist, counsellor, make up artist, jewellery maker, writer, chef, swimming instructor or crafter (or all manner of other things) and no doubt you will want to let everyone know what you do or make! 

There are many places you can advertise what you do and Facebook may seem like the obvious place, but we want to tell you why the Talented Mums directory on the British Mums website is a great place to list your products or services.

We created Talented Mums because, with over 1 million activities a year within the British Mums Dubai Facebook group, posts disappear very quickly out of sight. The chances of your post being seen depends on British Mums members looking at the group as you post and we recognize the work many of you put into your creations and of course, we want them to be seen!

So why should you register as a Talented Mum?

Think of it as your very own shop window. You can edit your listing as many times as you like so if you are someone that makes seasonal gifts for example, you can change your photos to what you’re making and selling there and then. 

You are welcome to share the link (the URL) to your listing within the group once a month. This will automatically pull through your main feature image and we will also share links of Talented Mums with the group, now and then too. It’s completely free and it means that British mums can browse by category seeing what you do or what you make and they can see your contact details and get in touch with you directly. 

British Mums Dubai has more than 10,000 members which is amazing, but did you know that the www.britishmums.com has over 25,000 users a month? That number is growing rapidly and this means that you are able to showcase your talents to anyone who comes to the website and not just to a closed group – so lots more people will get to see how clever you are!

Benefits for adding your talent on the website

1. We provide you with the opportunity to really showcase yourself as you can add 10 images or even a video to your listing and you can edit your listing changing your images and descriptions whenever you like.

2. It’s much easier for other mums to come across your listing on Britishmums.com than through Facebook because we add key words to your listing too. For example “tee pee” “newborn photographer” or “heart frames”‘for example meaning that Google will find your listing for anyone searching “British Mums Tee Pee” for example.

3. Users may search by filtering the category that they’re actually looking for – for example “jewellery” and your listing will be kept on the website.

4. We always feature Talented Mums that are listed on the British Mums website in articles such as newsletters or blogs so you may well find that your Talented Mums listing is received by thousands of mums!

Here’s how you can add your talent

1. Log in to the British Mums website, and if you haven’t registered already, you can in some really easy steps here (link:https://britishmums.com/dubai) 

2. Go to the “Directory” tab, click the “Talented Mums” button, then “Submit New Listing” 

3. Complete the required fields, giving as much information as you can and adding up to 10 good quality images. Don’t forget to fill out the “listing tags” field, (which are the key words that people will search for you by) as this is how people will find you!

One British mum uploaded her products into Talented Mums and was viewed over 190 times in just over an hour – and that’s fantastic!

Here’s an example of a great listing by a Talented Mum so you get a good idea and if you and if you have any queries we will always be happy to help. Just email us at info@britishmums.com

Happy promoting!

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Please note that British Mums Talented Mums is intended for British Mums registered members only. It is not intended for the resale of producers and services and all trade licence requirements are the sole responsibility of the member. British Mums accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any inaccuracies for listings. For full terms and conditions click here https://britishmums.com/dubai/terms-conditions/