It’s tough fitting it all in… the kids, work, the house, the pets and often it’s our own health and fitness that has to come last. Over the easter holidays we’ve certainly found this to be the case and our morning workouts have been replaced with soft plays and breakfast (which while nice, is not ideal in the long run). As mums we struggle to put ourselves first, to have a healthy relationship with food and to hold ourselves accountable when it comes to our diet.

Koster Clinic

We’ve teamed up with the lovely team at Koster Clinic to introduce the British Mums Weight Loss Challenge that will be run by Clinical Dietician, Jordana Smith. The 12-week transformation will start on Sunday 11th April and run for the school term, finishing on Sunday 4th July. We’re delighted to be working hand-in-hand with Koster Clinic to provide our mums with an opportunity to change the way they feel about their diet and food, with the support of not only Jordana but an entire group of focussed mums.

This challenge is exclusive to British Mums and will consist of monthly in-person meetings and a dedicated Facebook group. As we all cross our fingers for a summer in the UK, we’ve got 12 weeks to get in shape with the help of professionals. To join in, the challenge costs AED 250 per month (or AED 600 if you sign up and pay for the 12 weeks in one go) with the aim of helping everyone to drop the unwanted kilos safely, but also to sustain the weight you lose. This isn’t a quick fix or drastic diet and is tailored to each and every individual on the programme. Koster Clinic

The challenge consists of a monthly group meeting held on Sunday mornings at 9am at Koster Clinic in Jumeirah (11th April, 9th May, 6th June and a final weigh in on the 4th July). The first meeting will include the foundations of how to achieve your goals and Jordana will explain how the challenge is going to work – what you’ll need to measure and how often you’ll report in. Each member will be given a tracking Journal to record meals and weight, which will be handed out at the first meeting. Jordana will work out everyone’s individual calorie goal and set up apps to track calories.

All participants will be asked to weigh in weekly on a Sunday morning, which can be done at home or at Koster Clinic between 9am and 10am. You’ll also need to check in daily with your step count and use the group to stay accountable to yourself and the other mums. The dedicated Facebook group will offer great tools of support including healthy recipes, motivational messages, advice, nutritional information and also acts as a platform for Jordana to feedback directly to individual queries.

Throughout the challenge there will be monthly prizes to the mum whose lost the highest % of weight and we’ll be supporting with some great offers from our fitness partners with free classes, gym access and personal training sessions. There’s also the option for a one-on-one session with Jordana to further discuss your diet and specific goals which is charged at a special price of AED 300 – normally AED 450 for the consultation.

To find out more and to join the challenge, simply request to join the dedicated Facebook group here and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 11th April at 9am at Koster Clinic.