When you’re a mum and there’s a million things to do around the home, finding time to sit down and watch a show on a Netflix is something we all struggle with! We often find ourselves scrolling throught the titles trying to find something that can enterntain you, and let’s face it, make you feel a little better about the chaos in your home and the heaps of laundry that is most likely awaiting you. How many times has it happened that you spend 30 minutes trying to find a suitable show but just end up switching of the TV?

That’s why we’re sharing our top picks on Netflix this October with you, making sure you have an idea of mum-friendly entertainment available. (And if you just want 30 minutes of peace, we’ve even included a list of firm favourite for the children!)

How To Get Away With Murder

If you’re already hooked then season 5 has just hit our screens and if you haven’t started yet, then this is the perfect time to dive into this American legal drama series (and binge watch all 5 seasons). Set around a criminal law professor (Annalise Keating played by the amazing Viola Davis) whose messy personal life gets intertwined with that of her law students, resulting in shocking and gripping storylines. If you enjoyed Scandal then you’ll love this series and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for season 6! – Lauren

The I-Land

Season 1 hit Netflix half way through last month and with only 7 episodes, hubby and I thought it looked intriguing. A beach island mysterious thriller which starred Kate Bosworth couldn’t be too bad. Nope, we were wrong. We persevered through all 7 episodes in the hope it would improve but we both really struggled to embrace the storyline. It’s not had great reviews so this is one to skip in our opinion. – Carly

Million Pound Menu

If you’re looking to fill 40 minutes then season 2 of Million Pound Menu is out. Not quite as good as season 1, (which is also available on Netflix) enthusiastic restaurateurs pitch their foodie concept to a panel of investors in the hope to build their dream restaurant concept. Hosted by Fred Sirieix and filmed in Manchester this UK reality-series is easy watching but does make you hungry! – Lauren

Inside Bill’s Brain {Decoding Bill Gates}

If you’re after something a bit more serious then this documentary is a great watch. Moving away from business and looking at Bill and his wife Melinda’s charitable contributions around the world, this series is a great one for us, as parents on the changes we need to make for our children and all future generations. Each episode of Inside Bill’s Brain focuses on one of the foundation’s major initiatives: improving sewage conditions in developing countries, eradicating polio, and developing a cleaner, safer form of nuclear power. – Hannah

Sex Education 

This is a GOOD one for mums with teens, not that you should watch it with them (I certainly wouldn’t) but to get a better understanding of what your teenage daughter or son is going through. This show is centred around a teenage boy and his friends as they try to navigate through life and understand their sexuality as well as engaging in sex. Just like the series title the show is educational yet funny and engaging. I think I speak for everyone when I say this show is relatable in all aspects, not only have we been through this but its refreshing to see such a show on TV. – Jade

Money Heist

Honestly, this is my FAVE. I have never been so invested in a show (apart from GOT) but this one is right at the top of my favourite series to watch. Before I get ahead of myself, the show has so many elements but simply put its about a group of highly skilled, criminals who follow a plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Well, rob doesn’t quite do it justice…the idea behind this “job” isn’t just a simple bank robbery. And this is why this show is the best- it takes you on this roller costerjourney with the robbers and everyone else involved. There are hostages, political messages, psychological games, and a hell of a lot of interpersonal conflicts. What could be the downside of this series is that it’s in Spanish, so if you don’t enjoy watching a series with subtitles this might not be for you. However, Netflix does have an English version. Ladies,add this to your must-watch list because its BRILLIANT! – Jade

Confessions with a Killer – The Ted Bundy Tapes

The 4 part mini series is so shocking but equally fascinating. I had heard of Ted Bundy before but never quite the true extent of his crimes. Unbelievable that he got away for so long with over 30 murders (although some say this could be in the 100’s which is terrifying) and even managed to escape police custody and a prison cell on separate occasions – but he was master manipulator and very intelligent – even representing himself in the court room at trial which seems ludicrous that it was allowed to happen, especially on a TV screen! Had me so intrigued and you’ll easily want to watch it all in one evening! – Jen

For the little ones:

Paw Patrol

Hallelujah!!!! Paw Patrol has hit Netflix and my girls are over the moon – as am I. It’s a welcomed change to Peppa Pig and I love talking to them about firefighters and policemen and the important role authority figures play within the community. Not that I need to tell you but Paw Patrol is about 6 pups who work together to save their town and the townspeople from all sorts of weird and wonderful incidents. My only complaint about this one is that I find myself humming the theme tune long after they kids have gone to bed!- Lauren

Ben & Holly

Nanny Plum is a firm favourite in our household and you’ll recognise her voice from another very popular show featuring Miss Rabbit!

Elf Ben and fairy Princess Holly’s Little Kingdom is all about their fun magical adventures as they learn about teamwork, sharing and problem solving! After watching every single Peppa Pig episode on repeat, this is a lovely series to watch with the little ones. – Jen

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