As mums we will do anything to keep those germs at bay. We also know how important it is to have clean air for our family. Which is why we were super intrigued to try out WellAir’s Portable Air Disinfection Device.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to many viruses such as the flu and COVID, as well as allergies like asthma and other respiratory conditions. Due to the excessive heat here, we can spend up 80% – 95% of our time indoors, so clean indoor air couldn’t be more important.

Fortunately, WellAir’s Novaerus Protect 200 and 800 have been proven to reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould spores. (Horrid to think about but they are there!) The devices slot easily into your home; they can be wall mounted or placed on a tabletop and are idiot proof (thank goodness!). Most importantly they are quiet – so perfect if you have a little one sleeping.  Just plug in and play and enjoy cleaner and safer air.

Check out what British Mums Gemma and Michelle had to say after trying out the Protect 200 in their homes:

GEMMA: “This was our first experience of an air quality product and overall, it was great. One device was in our daughter’s room – as a teenager she spends a lot of time there. She noticed that she slept better, didn’t have a dry mouth in the morning and her nose was FINALLY unblocked after a very long time. It’s worth its weight and it works!

The other device was in the bedroom, but we also alternated it between the kitchen. My husband’s breathing was definitely quieter at night and his snoring also improved! We have really enjoyed having the device and feel reassured that the air quality was better.”

MICHELLE: “After a couple of bad bouts of croup, we were keen to try an air purifying device in our three-year old’s bedroom. The Protect 200 certainly gave us peace of mind that our son is sleeping in cleaner, better-quality air.

It’s really easy to use – we literally just had to take it out of the box and plug it in. Better still, the device does not require filters, so there’s no additional costs or maintenance. It’s a lot smaller and more compact than we imagined and so quiet that it can’t be heard over the air conditioning.

We were also really impressed with the customer service from Novaerus – they took the time to explain the science of the product and answer any questions.”

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