British mum Saimah volunteered to head over to Motiongate and review the new Shrek Iftar which is an all-you-can-eat buffet at the Candy Apple – a Shrektacularly delicious buffet fit for all ages! Here’s what she had to say….

“Upon arrival at the Shrek Iftar at Motiongate, we were greeted by friendly staff that showed us to our table and made us feel really welcomed. The restaurant itself is called Candy Apple and is inside Shrek world, which looks like an enchanted forest. The kids were super excited to be breaking our fast there. They have decorated the buffet area with Ramadan decor which added a festive ambience and looked lovely.

They had a good variety of Ramadan beverages including Amar al-din (apricot juice) Tamer Hindi (tamarind juice) and Laban, you can also order any soft and hot beverages at your table throughout. The food is the usual type of cuisine you would expect to find at an Iftar buffet and they’ve tried to cater to both adults and children alike. The starter buffet had a good selection of salads, breads and dips including hummus and baba ganoush with crudites, a really hearty lentil soup and the must-haves for any iftar table; kibbeh and my favourite cheese sambousek. The main buffet wasn’t vast but still had just enough to choose from. There was melt in your mouth roast beef, rice, butter chicken, pasta dishes and a vegetable stew. The dessert table also had some Iftar favourites like umm Ali, dates and baklava, along with fresh and dried fruits, and a selection of cakes which kept the kids happy.

Bonus for all the kids at the restaurant was the ‘meet and greet’ and photo opportunity with no other than Shrek and Fiona themselves. My boys loved the evening and the staff couldn’t do enough for them. They were also given a little gift (A cute Shrek notebook).

We really enjoyed our evening; it was a simple buffet with kids very much in mind so the food may not appeal to all, but its a buffet inside a theme park and was as expected. The staff are amazing though and really go out of their way to please all the kids, bringing extra fruit and cake to the tables for them. If you’re planning on going to Motiongate then its worth heading to the Shrek iftar as it’s only a little extra that you’ll pay on top of your ticket price if you take it as a package, which works out a really good deal. The Iftar is available every day for the whole month of Ramadan”

The Shrek Iftar is AED260 per person and if you’d like to book, call 800-Amazing (2629464) or click here.