SENSASIA Stories is a completely unprecedented flagship destination spa, committed to total body wellness and located at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates. The result of an extensive refurbishment within this prestigious five-star hotel, the 4,000 sq/ft spa is a monastic, deeply tranquil space, intensively curated to take clients on a truly unique journey through the senses of Asia.

Developed around a central courtyard, punctuated by contemporary interpretations of traditional Asian arch structures, SENSASIA Stories comprises six unisex treatment rooms, one couples’ suite offering total privacy, separate male and female changing rooms and therapeutic relaxation areas, complete with heated beds.
Bespoke facilities include experience showers, an ice fountain, herb saunas, steam rooms, a Jacuzzi and virtual reality headsets, which can be incorporated into treatments to offer complete, customised escapism and guided meditations, transporting clients to the world’s most beautiful destinations.

British Mums recently gave British mum Amy the opportunity to visit SENSASIA and here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Just got back from my lovely 90 minute ‘Warm Candle’ massage at the new SENSASIA Spa on the first floor of the Kempinski Hotel at Mall of the Emirates and it was just blissful! The spa launched at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates last week after an extensive rebuild by SENSASIA, with a sleek, ultra-modern design and features a mini jacuzzi pool, steam room, and sauna as well as places to relax. SENSASIA is renowned for its massages and it definitely did not disappoint, though the spa services menu is varied and includes other treatments such as facials and body wraps. The commitment to cleanliness and hygiene was also impeccable so I felt very safe during my visit.

My experience began with a speedy check-in service, after which I was taken to the changing room and asked to change into probably the fluffiest robe ever! For my massage, I had a choice of two different scents to choose from and choose a lovely, relaxing lavender scent. My therapist was great and really listened to my preferences. She really helped to work out some soreness in my back and then finished with a lovely head massage. After the massage, I had a shower in the new ‘experience’ shower in the changing rooms – the shower had 4 different modes to choose from, which varied water pressure and light colour. I then had a few more moments to relax with a lovely complimentary cup of ginger tea. All in all, it was a truly wonderful experience!”

As well as offering the award-winning massages, facials and body treatments that long-standing SENSASIA clients have been flocking to the 16-year-old spa chain’s locations to enjoy time after time – such as the targeted, deep tissue ‘Knead-IT’ and The Ultimate Recovery massages; Warm Milk & Honey body wrap and
The Essential Spa Ritual, combining a prescribed, personalised facial with a full body massage – SENSASIA Stories  guests can also carve out their spa own experience from the very beginning, with the option to book time as opposed to treatments, and allowing the expert team of therapists to script a tailored, transformative journey, just for them.

British Mums exclusive offer

British mums can get 50% off selected massages at SENSASIA Stories, from Sunday 15th to Thursday 19th November, subject to availability (so book now!)

To book, call SENSASIA Stories on 04 409 5600 and be sure to mention the promo code: ‘FIND YOUR STORY 50’

Massages included in the promotion:


A unique, intensive and restorative massage therapy using heated river stones to target tired muscles.


A totally indulgent, powerful massage. Super skin-softening cocoa butter works with heated river stones to target tightly wound muscles and relax the entire body.

THE ‘KNEAD-IT 60/90min

A mix of targeted deep tissue massage techniques, perfect to relieve muscular tension, exactly where you ‘KNEAD’ it.


This specialised, bump-friendly massage is UAE famous. Choose to prevent stretch marks, relieve fatigue, hydrate the skin or ease fluid retention, as they balance and revive your incredible body and mind.


Shrug off any post-workout tension with a lot of stretching, kneading and accupressure, plus heated herbal poultices to encourage lactic acid out, and recovery in.


Their dynamic, stress busting, total body stretch. Step into custom-made Thai pyjamas for an invigorating, oil-free massage session.

JET-AWAY 60min

The hi-flyers cure for jet lag. Balance the full body, eliminate lactic acid and re-adjust with energising cedarwood, ginger, orange and jasmine.


An indulgent massage with aromatic melted shea butter, mixed with powerful essential oils. Choose from vanilla, ylang ylang, our signature blend and more.

PILLOW TALK 60/90min

Drift away to the sound of delta waves and enjoy a deeply relaxing Chinese pressure point massage to heal the soul, relieve tension and lull the body into a state of lavender-infused slumber.

To find out more, call 04 525 7720 or visit their website.

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