As mums, who are now accustomed to life in Dubai, we’re always on the hunt for things to make our lives easier. And if you haven’t heard of Quooker yet, then stop what you’re doing as this is a game changer! Being from the UK, we’re so used to drinking fresh water straight from the tap, yet we don’t have that advantage in the UAE. So, if you’re wanting to stop using plastic bottles and get back to drinking straight from the tap, keep reading!

Quooker is the tap that does it all! A Quooker system is pure convenience, allowing you to get 100°C boiling, cold, chilled still and chilled sparkling water directly from tap, all filtered.Now there’s nothing wrong with a good old electric kettle, but there are many benefits to the Quooker system aside from boiling water straight from the tap. Firstly, it’s super safe as to use the boiling water function, there’s a child-proof handle, double pump and turn activation. If you’re a fan of bubbles then the Quooker system also dispenses chilled sparkling water as well as still clean and fresh water. Not only is Quooker super convenient and quick to use, it also has the added benefit of reducing plastic use and helping to save the planet.

The Quooker system fits under your sink, hidden away in cupboards which is perfect for more worktop space in the kitchen. It’s worth mentioning to be eligible to install Quooker, you must have a sink unit cabinet with doors (no drawers) and the dishwasher should be next to the sink cabinet in order to be able to connect to the power socket! Loving this idea but renting your home? No problem, as the Quooker team can move the system if you decide to move.

We recently asked British mum, Amanda to test the Quooker system out on behalf of the community and here’s what she had to say:

I was chuffed to be picked to review the Quooker system on behalf of British Mums. We use it daily and it’s definitely thebest boiling water tap that will keep your mug full of freshly made tea and coffee. The water quality isn’t quite as clean as bottled water but when time is tight it’s an easy solution for a quick cuppa, although we probably use it more to cook pasta or rice which is a lot quicker than putting on the hob or using the kettle.

It’s also handy for sterilising our baby bottles and with one on the way I’m sure we’ll use it more and more. It also comes with a great safety feature so the littles ones can’t turn it on themselves which was one of our biggest concerns. One of the most useful and novel features however is the Flex – their handy pull-out hose which makes cleaning everything really easy as it extends beyond a usual tap.

After sorting out a few hiccups at installation we have used the tap daily and we’ve cut down our use of plastic bottles as we now use the tap for drinking water. I’d just recommend checking that the fitting is compatible.

View the collection or find out more about how a Quooker system works by visiting the showroom, the website or contacting the super helpful team on 04 330 3063 or