Although we live in one of the safest cities in the world, sometimes it’s good to have some peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure; especially if you go back to the UK for months at a time.

The eufyCam 3 camera system is a fantastic tool to help you feel in control over the security of your home. Featuring 4K resolution, free local storage and advanced motion detection, the integrated AI system offers wire-free installation making it quick and easy to install. It’s also solar powered with no monthly fees.

But don’t take our word for it! We asked British mum Claire to fit they system at her villa and put it to the test.

Claire said: “The eufyCam 3 is totally amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to purchase a home security system. The team arrived on time and it took about an hour to install. They were very friendly and helpful.

Their system comes with two outside cameras and a white box, which is called HomeBase 3, which needs to be connected to the internet router as it acts as a data hub for the cameras.

The outside cameras are solar charged but can also be charged using a USB charger. So far, I haven’t had to plug them in, and from what I’ve been told, I should have non-stop power throughout the lifetime of the devices.

The cleverest part is the app allows you to add family members so the camera can recognise faces. It’s self-learning, and over time will be 99% accurate in identifying different people, as well as pets and objects!

The eufyCam 3 is priced at AED 1,699 for the entire home security system, and you can purchase it at Virgin stores or Jumbo Electronics.