Living in the UAE, we’re lucky enough to have year-round sunshine, meaning outdoor sports play a huge part in our lives. Not only does it keep us active, but team sports, like volleyball, are fantastic for building confidence, developing teamwork and releasing feel-good endorphins. And we’re not just talking about the kids here, as there’s so many options for adults, as well as families to get involved.

We’ve recently discovered Esperia Volleyball Academy who offer both indoor and beach volleyball classes, suitable for any age and any level – which we thought was the perfect family activity to get everyone active, especially while the weather is so nice!

Esperia Volleyball Academy is organised around the idea of helping people to improve lifestyle and social interactions through sport. The coaching team are passionate about volleyball and encourage their players to mutually support each other to succeed, learn, adjust and grow.

To get a first-hand review, we sent British mum, Caitlyn along with her family and friends for their own session and here’s what she had to say:

We were lucky enough to head along to Kite Beach and have abeach volleyball lesson with Esperia Volleyball Academy. The four adults were taught by Abdou and the four children were taught by Ilya and it was such fun and so interactive. I was superimpressed that after an hour I could see a huge improvement in our technique!

We warmed up playing games and getting competitive, then learnt a lot of different techniques and moves. We played a game at the end to practice all the things we had learnt, and I was amazed at how everyone put their new skills to use!

The children were on a court next to us so we could keep an eye on them, and I could hear laughter and saw faces of pure concentration which was so lovely. They had a wonderful time.

As the sunset we finished our lesson and were recommended Borbone, which was literally next door to the volleyball courts and feasted on pizzas and salads. We all agreed we’d had the perfect ending to the weekend and have promised to make this a regular activity. It was great fun and something lovely to do as a family.

Thank you, Esperia Volleyball Academy, for your patience and energy. We all left exhausted but with big smiles and the little ones slept very well that night!”

Esperia Volleyball Academy offers lots of different programmes, from kid’s classes and ladies only sessions, to advanced and competitive play. For more information on Esperia Volleyball Academy, or to book your free trial, please call 052 991 0502 or email