Cells4Life/MedCells provides expecting parents in the UAE and Middle East the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect and preserve their newborn baby’s cord blood after birth, with prices starting from AED 10,900. They offer the most comprehensive range of stem cell services including storage of the cord bloodcord tissue, and the latest – placental cells and amnion storage. They currently have more than 150,000 samples in their two separate storage labs in the UK and in multiple subdivisions.

Lorey Fenton, a mum who have taken the unique opportunity to preserve her baby’s cord blood at birth shares her experience with us.

Although it’s been 8 years since my son Joshua was born, it feels like yesterday that my husband and I decided to store his cord blood stem cells. Time certainly flies!

At the time, we wanted the best for our baby, and we spent ages reading up about cord blood banking as we were amazed by the list of conditions that could be treated with cord blood; from cancers, to autism, to sports injuries. Today there are over 80 illnesses that can be treated with cord blood, and with the increase in number of clinical trials using stem cells, we knew it was something we just had to do for our baby’s future.

My husband and I met with quite a few cord blood banks, but Cells4Life really stood out for us because it was the UK’s largest cord blood bank, storing in two separate locations. We were also impressed by the options available in terms of the volume-reduced and whole blood storage, as well as the option to store the cord tissue. The sign-up process was very quick and Darryn, the Cell4Life representative was very knowledgeable and helpful, which really put us at ease.

Upon registering, we were given the cord blood collection kit right away and on the morning of the delivery, we handed it over the hospital midwife on arrival. The hospital dealt with the rest of the process, and everyone we dealt with at Cells4Life was extremely professional throughout.

While we have not used Joshua’s stem cells to date we are currently looking into treatment for him as he has recently been diagnosed with being on the autistic spectrum. There are many options available in terms of treatment for his condition, and we are extremely thankful that we decided to store his stem cells as we have the peace of mind that his stem cells are in safe hands whenever we need them.

If you’re interested to find out more, speak to the Cells4Life cord blood banking specialists to learn more by calling +971 4 3116613, emailing info@medcells.ae or visiting their website.

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