Living in the UAE, we have a great lifestyle we wouldn’t necessarily have back in the UK. Year-round sunshine, amazing beaches, great career opportunities – it’s without a doubt a great place to live. However, that doesn’t stop us missing certain things about the UK and top of the list is often the choice (and prices) of our favourite British retailers!

From the amazing clothing available from our high-street retailers to the choice of products on amazon, right through to the Christmas specials from John Lewis, shopping our well-known UK brands is often easier than navigating the malls, because we know exactly what we’re getting, and we know that quality matches the price.

As us Brits love a bargain and making our money go further, we’re super excited to have discovered a new, dedicated shipping service, that consolidates all our UK orders into one package and ships it over to us, directly to our home address in the UAE!

2YOUAE was created by fellow Brits when they realised a friend was having multiple issues shipping goods out to Dubai, from high costs, to tracking packages, to the length of time some items took to be delivered. In an aim to make this whole process easier, 2YOUAE was born, cutting shipping costs by 60% and delivery time by 50%.

2YOUAE gives you the opportunity to save on the cost of shipping to the UAE on orders placed with UK retailers, by sending all your items to a dedicated UK address and from there, all the individually items will be repacked into the smallest box to save you on high shipping costs. Once your items have been repacked, you’ll be sent an email with the box size along with a link for payment.

Once your shipment is processed you will receive a text/email enabling you to control your delivery and pay any duties and taxes that may be applicable. You can expect to receive delivery of your parcel within 2 working days of the date of dispatch from their UK depot.

And the best bit – you can sign up as an individual or a group (grab the girls) so you’re splitting the cost even further! All you need to do is register for free using their super-easy online registration form. You will then receive a unique post box ID and a UK address for your orders to be delivered to.

So instead of waiting for the grandparents next trip, shop online at your fave stores and send the items to your UK 2YOUAE address and relax knowing they’ll be delivered directly to your door within a few days!

Special Offer for British Mums

2YOUAE launches on 1st September 2021 but you can get your registration set up now free of charge at British mums also get a fab 10% discount on their first order at 2YOUAE by quoting BRITISHMUMS10 on registration, valid until 31st July 2022!


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