As British expatriate families in the UAE, our priority is always to protect our families and property/assets wisely during our lifetime. Changes to the inheritance and divorce laws back in November 2020 sounded great for expats, but it’s worth understanding just exactly how these changes affect you and your family, while you are residents in Dubai. To share some guidance on the amendments is British Mum and Managing Partner of  TWS Legal Consultants, Nita Maru.

Wills in the UAE

The new legislative changes announced on Saturday 7th November 2020 with reference to inheritance laws has been welcomed by expatriates in the UAE. However, there are misconceptions that a Will in the UAE is not now necessary. Below are the key reasons why an expat MUST prepare a Will in the UAE.

1. To protect the Guardianship of your Children by nominating both permanent and temporary Guardians.

2. To protect property, you own – as UAE/Sharia Law applies by default to real estate owned by expatriates in the UAE and is an exception to the home country laws applying to inheritance matters. You are in control of your assets and to whom they go to if you have a registered will in place in the UAE as opposed to under Sharia Law where shares of your assets go to family members in fixed proportions.

3.  You have the freedom to distribute your assets as you wish– you can make specific gifts, i.e. to a charity. You can stipulate your personal wishes which is not an option under home country laws, which may also not be dissimilar to the forced heirship regime which Sharia law stipulates.

4. If there is a valid Will in the UAE, from a practical perspective the Courts in the UAE will be able to deal with the distribution of your assets, bank accounts etc. with ease and speed post death as there is an evidence of your intentions.

5. Avoiding family disputes and costly court battles ultimately gives you peace of mind, that if the inevitable happens, your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

The TWS team of authorised and licensed Lawyers/ DIFC Wills Draftsmen have been advising expatriates in the UAE from all over the world as well as foreign investors with assets in the UAE on DIFC/ Abu Dhabi Wills. They have vast experience in drafting wills, advising on inheritance matters, Shariah Law, and administering estates for deceased parties for over a decade. To book your complimentary wills and guardianship consultation with a Wills Specialist Lawyer please visit their website.

Divorce in Dubai and England/ Wales/ Scotland

The UAE recently announced changes in the laws governing divorce as well as inheritance and to find out how these may affect you and the decision on where you should divorce, TWS offer consultations to discuss matters further and guide and advise the expat community to which they belong themselves.

Their family lawyers can advise and represent you on matters concerning:

  • Divorce and family law in the UAE
  • Divorce and family law in England/ Wales/ Scotland
  • Family mediation
  • Financial arrangements for spouses and children
  • Custody and visitation disputes
  • Child relocation/ abduction
  • Travel bans
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements

To know more about how they can help you start the process please visit their website.

Buying & Selling Property in Dubai?

As an expat if your considering buying/ selling a property in Dubai, TWS Legal Consultants can assist you with the entire conveyancing process to ensure your interests are protected particularly in this jurisdiction, in particular:

  • Buying and selling property in UAE
  • Buying off-plan advice and disputes
  • Explaining and drafting the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Reviewing completion timeframes and advising on any potential special conditions relating to the purchase.
  • Ensuring all maintenance/service fees are paid as per the developer’s requirements for an NOC application.
  • Drafting and confirming the final transfer documentation, detailing all monies involved.
  • Handover of off-plan property
  • Gifting of property in UAE

Investing in experienced legal advice when you are buying a property in the UAE could save you a great deal of stress and money long-term. It will also allow you to purchase your home with confidence and leave you free to celebrate the next stage of your expatriate journey. To know more please visit their website.

For more information and to contact the friendly team at TWS Legal Consultants, please email or call 04 448 4284.