Looking for after school and weekend activities for the kids which are exciting, get them burning loads of energy plus gives them chance to learn loads of new skills?  Then check out Amazing Athletes who are leading the way with their sports and healthy living programmes across Dubai!   Aimed at kids of all abilities aged 2.5 – 6 years, Amazing Athletes brings the excitement and high energy of 10 different sports based on a building block system.

The fabulous coaching team has tons of experience between them, including being led by a P.E. teacher from a leading outstanding school in Dubai.  They are passionate about making sure your child is super engaged and has tons of fun by breaking down the fundamentals of each sport at your child’s individual pace, in a non-competitive, team-building environment.

Signing up to their action-packed classes are a great opportunity for your little ones to try various sports in an age-specific programme that will develop six key motor skills vital for their growth, as well as create healthy nutritional habits through the introduction of 16 power foods for a total child development.

Growing up, taking part in sports is brilliant for kids as it helps builds healthy bones and muscles, increases fitness, improves sleep, helps them socialise, reduces stress and boosts their self-confidence!

Here are 4 reasons why Amazing Athletes is, in fact AMAZING!

  1.  Introduction to 10 different sports

Kids are encouraged to explore and develop a variety of athletic skills through the introduction of 10 different sports in their fun and active classes. Sports include American Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Track & Field, Baseball and Golf. Coaches break down the fundamentals of each sport into simple steps based on each child’s age and ability. The goal is to create a fun environment that establishes lifetime connections to sports and physical activity.

  1. Learn about Healthy Foods and Habits

To keep healthy and active, our bodies need the right kind of fuel. Studies show it can take up to 15 or 20 introductions of any one food item before children will be willing to try or accept the new food. (We have all been there trying to hide veggies in food or spend hours in the kitchen, only for our kids to refuse to eat what we put on their plates!).  Another unique offering of Amazing Athletes is their nutrition program which introduces children to 16 different fruits and vegetables as well as important vitamins and minerals so that they go home excited about trying new, healthy foods!

  1. Year-Round Programmes

Term already started?  No problem at all, as classes are offered weekly year-round and you are able to have your child join at any time without missing out!  Two sports per class are taught every week and this changes weekly ensuring every class is different and constantly evolving to keep kids engaged and progressing in skill. Amazing Athletes also update their curriculum every two years to ensure they provide the most current teaching practices for children.

  1. 6 Key Areas of Motor Development 

The 6 key areas of motor development focused on are Balancing, Running, Throwing, Catching, Kicking, and Jumping to ensure each child is proficient in their motor-skills by the time they reach primary school.

You can find classes throughout Dubai and your first class is absolutely FREE!  Each class is 45 minutes and AED 100 so you can pay as you go or get a discount by signing up to a 10 class pass at AED 900 and get a free Amazing Athletes t-shirt! All prices inclusive of VAT.

Class Schedule:

  • Monday 4.30pm @Yoga La Vie, Golden Mile
  • Tuesday 4.30pm @Windsor Park, Motor City
  • Wednesday 4.30pm @Yoga La Vie, Golden Mile
  • Thursday 4.30pm @Little Neighbourhood Restaurant, Remraam
  • Friday 9am @Windsor Park, Motor City
  • Saturday 9am @Jumeirah Village Circle,

More locations are coming soon and they can also cater for Birthday Parties and Events plus curriculum PE lessons for nurseries and schools.  To find out more and how to book your free class, WhatsApp or call 052 647 7057 or email: dubai@amazingathletes.com

See the team in action HERE and follow them on Instagram for more updates @amazingathletesdubai

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