When you’re living in a foreign country, you want an honest, reliable, and transparent car garage – like the type your dad would recommend to you if you lived in the UK.  One that you can go to for everything from car sales to servicing.

The Car Superstore are a British-owned company with more than 35 years experience in the industry, and understands the importance of finding a “reliable garage”. Located in Al Quoz, they have a new 13,000 sq ft climate-controlled facility, and offer a comprehensive range of services.

Looking to buy or sell a car?

Selling your car shouldn’t be stressful. Always go through a reputable company to be sure it has a good history.  The Car Superstore are seeing people trying to sell their flood-damaged cars that have been written off by insurers from flood water. So be cautious and only buy vehicles from reputable garages with a thorough history check.

From storage and part-exchange to assisted sales, The Car Superstore handles everything. Simply bring your car to their showroom for an inspection and they’ll do the rest with their expert market knowledge so you’ll get a fair price.

They leverage social media and have a premium Dubizzle account to give your car the best exposure to potential buyers and only allow serious buyers with qualified leads to go for test drives.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

The Car Superstore knows we’re super busy as mums, and therefore prioritise our convenience. Their showroom is open 7 days a week and offers a hassle-free consignment service that takes care of everything from promotion to paperwork. In other words, they’ll arrange everything to ensure our cars are sold. They handle, qualify, deal and negotiate with all potential customers on our behalf, plus new buyers feel more assured dealing with an established company rather than an individual buyer. Not only that, but The Car Superstore offer financing and extended warrantee that individual buyers cannot provide, making it a no-brainer!

If you need to find a new car, the expert team with more than 150 vehicles in stock can help you find your dream vehicle, or even source the exact one you’ve been looking for. They also offer financing options and can even arrange transportation to Abu Dhabi.