It’s no secret that many of us are looking forward to the summer, having worked hard to ensure distance learning was successful. However, is anyone else worried about keeping the kids in a bit of a routine during the upcoming hot summer months? Is there a balance between the intensity of school and a summer in front of the TV?

Enter, The Study Room, who are taking the summer offline with a fresh, fun and engaging, skills-based programme!  The All Star Summer Challenge recognises and celebrates that learning continues outside the classroom through authentic life experiences and natural curiosity. Challenges kick off on Sunday 5th July with flexible timings and are suitable for children aged 5 – 13 years.

We absolutely love that the themes are not the typical subjects that we’ve covered over the last term and instead relate to developing our children as considerate and inquisitive humans. There’s a course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and another on Expressive Literacy. Kids can also opt for a course on Community and Service, Health and Wellness or Sustainability and there’s even a course on Technology, Science and Engineering for our budding mini-Einsteins!  All challenges incorporate the 21st-century skills; Literacy Skills, Learning Skills, and Life Skills.

Just sign up for a short, medium or long-term challenge and meet your mentor, who will guide the kids through the learning journey. Once the kids have chosen a challenge, they are encouraged to think of how they might provide evidence of the learning process in a way that brings positive attention to what they have done and perhaps gets others excited to follow suit in a challenge of their own. Children have access to teachers and expert mentors who will guide the learning cycle from inquiry to planning, participation, presentation, and reflection. Track participation though regular mentor meetings, live lessons and webinars and finally, they’ll present their learning journey, reflect on the process and receive feedback from their mentor. Children will also get the opportunity to be included in the All Star Hall of Fame as well as be entered into the All Star Summer Competition!

The Study Room have thought of everything, so whether you’re here all summer or only have a few weeks to fill, there’s an option for everyone! A short-term challenge costs AED 299 and lasts 1-2 weeks and includes 6 hours with a mentor. The medium-term challenge costs AED 384 and includes 8 hours with a mentor over 3-4 weeks. Finally, the long-term challenge costs AED 449 and includes 10 hours with a mentor over 5-6 weeks.

For more information please call 050 605 2040, email or register at  You can also find out more on Facebook and Instagram.