As mums we all want the best for our children, and it can be awful if little treats like ice cream, a milkshake or even a simple glass of milk can make our children feel uncomfortable or bloated. This could be an initial sign of lactose intolerance.


If your body does not produce enough Lactase (an enzyme that helps to digest lactose) it can cause digestion issues which can be fairly uncomfortable. The signs of lactose intolerance include an upset stomach, gas, diarrhea and cramping. If you think lactose intolerance may be an issue for your child, it is recommended to seek help from a medical professional.


It may sound trivial but suffering from lactose intolerance can affect simple things such as going on play dates, attending parties and even eating out, which isn’t great for your little one, or for your family. If left untreated it can cause physical issues,as well as affecting social aspects which may lead to reluctance to participate.


A recent study commissioned by Al Ain Farms saw that when dietary and lifestyle changes were made, it lessened the discomfort and nearly half (42%) saw an increase in the quality of sleep and their overall digestion too!

As a parent, we can help our children discuss sensitive issues around emotions and how having lactose intolerance is not something to be ashamed of. Plus, helping our children better understand how they can reduce symptoms themselves by selecting the right food can be crucial for their wellbeing andliving with lactose intolerance. So, when they’re out at parties or play dates they can choose the right food choices and know how to handle tricky conversations with their peers.

Dieticians recommend switching to lactose free or plant-basedproducts such as milk and cheese to lessen symptoms. As parents, we need to understand that nutrients are vital for children especially, so we need to make sure we compensate for missing nutrients. We can do this by ensuring our children eat sufficient vegetables, salmon and lactose free products which are fortified with vitamins.


Al Ain Farms offers a range of tasty lactose free products available throughout the UAE, made and produced locally for over 40 years, they pride their selves on taking care to make the best dairy and dairyfree products. Proud to lead the way on lactose free products, Al Ain Farms aim to create great tasting products that are easily accessible for all those suffering with lactose intolerance.

Their range of products includes full fat fresh milk (1L), full fat long life milk (1L), full fat fresh yoghurt (400g) and full fat Laban(400g) to help make daily meals and treats that little bit easier. This new lactose free range will be widely available in most supermarkets and grocery retailers across the UAE from September 2022, which again is the added convenience usbusy mums need.


The new lactose free range from Al Ain Farms has been made to be the best quality by using high quality ingredients to achieve a superior taste. Which is why they are challenging customers to taste the difference, as blind taste tests show the lactose free range really is as tasty as its dairy counterpart!

Why not try it and let us know what you think. If you think it tastes great let other mums know on the British Mums Facebook and help other families suffering from lactose intolerance!