To mark the launch of Al Ain Farms’ new Lacto Free Dairy range, the company commissioned a survey to find out more about lactose-intolerant living – and has made some surprising discoveries.

Being a mum comes with lots of worries, big and small. If an ice cream treat or glass of milk leaves your child uncomfortable or bloated, that could be a sign of lactose intolerance.

People who are lactose intolerant don’t produce enough lactase, an enzyme in the digestive tract that breaks down lactose. In order to pinpoint whether or not your child has this condition, it’s worth seeing a medical professional. In the meantime, some things to look out for include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Cramps
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea

Living with lactose intolerance

Being lactose intolerant can affect your child’s life – and therefore yours. Everything from eating as a family to play dates with friends involves forward planning.

Al Ain Farms chatted to Nardeen Turjman, Clinical Psychologist at the German Neuroscience Center. She said: “Studies show food intolerances may affect almost any system in the body. Individuals with food intolerances commonly report its effect on mood, thoughts, and energy levels. If not treated and managed properly, it will most likely result in lower physical functioning and play a role in one’s social limitations and daily activities (i.e. isolation).”

What can parents do to help? 

A recent study commissioned by Al Ain Farms showed that identifying lactose intolerance and making diet improvements sees a positive difference on quality of life for many people. Almost half of people (42%) reported they had better sleep and a better digestive system.

Nardeen spoke about how parents can support children with lactose intolerance. She said: “It is crucial for parents to provide their child a safe environment to discuss their emotions, thoughts, and experiences linked with their food intolerances, as it may have a negative impact on the child’s emotional and physical development. Teaching the child how to self-advocate and manage their food in social situations and with their peers will support the child to make the right choices.”

We asked Saja ElMasri, a registered dietician at Novomed, for her advice on managing the condition. Saja said: “The number of people who have intolerances is getting higher and higher. We recommend our patients shift to lactose-free milks and cheese or alternatives. As lactose intolerance is becoming so common, having lactose free options is very important so that consumers can have options and still maintain good gut health.”

Al Ain Farms: helping those with lactose intolerance live a happy life

Al Ain Farms is leading the way in lactose free options in the UAE. The new Lacto Free range has been created with the growing lactose-free community in mind, with the same great taste as the original range but without the lactose. Al Ain Farms Lacto Free is available in four category offers:

  • Full Fat Fresh Milk 1L
  • Full Fat Long Life Milk 1L
  • Full Fat Fresh Yoghurt 400gr
  • Full Fat Laban 400gr

Hassan Safi, Al Ain Farms CEO, said: “At Al Ain Farms, we’re proud to have supplied the UAE with fresh products, made locally with love for over 40 years. Our new Lacto Free Dairy range champions our mission to make the great taste of dairy available to all consumers, without compromise. That’s why our new lactose-free recipes have been tried and tested to ensure the superior taste and quality standards we are known for.”

Look out for the Al Ain Farms Lacto Free range in in all major supermarkets and grocery retailers.

Why not try it and let us know what you think!  If you think it tastes great let other mums know on the British Mums Dubai Facebook Group and help other families suffering from lactose intolerance!


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