About Us

You’re the Oracle, you’re faster than Google and the support you offer is amazing. You truly are the life of the online party and you’ve made the British Mums Dubai community an invaluable resource for many mums.

However, there are a few problems that come with being this awesome. Whilst the Facebook group continues to grow (you’ve notched up more than 1.8 million bits & pieces – *faints*), it has become so jam-packed with information (that often you never even knew you needed) that it’s overflowing with fabulous snippets, classified adverts, recommendations, funnies, jobs and pleas for help. The problem is that these posts zip out of sight faster than the speed of sound – and this means you don’t always get to see all the things that are really useful.

But have no fear, for the British Mums website is here! Hand in hand with the Facebook group, the website aims to provide British mums and the mums of British children living in the UAE, with an awesome community resource, which makes it super easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for.

With British mums in mind, a community focused website has been created with some high-tech functionality and special content that only British Mums members can access. The website has been specially designed so that now searching for a new job, housemaid or looking for instant recommendations is easy to find, filterable and most importantly, it’s updated by you, so you can always trust the information you’re getting.

Mums can now list their holiday home, find a new villa or buy and sell all kinds of second-hand things, taking comfort that whether you’re looking for a buggy, those much-needed maternity jeans, a school uniform dress or a swanky Ford Expedition, you’ll know it has been lovingly cared for by a fellow British mum. Best of all, you’ll get to meet a lovely British mum in the process!

British Mums is all about strengthening the community of mums. Now, you can send friend requests or create your own groups for the mums who live in your area, mums at your school or the mums in your book club. Extending your network has never been easier! Whether you’ve recently moved here and are looking for a supportive community, or simply want to meet some lovely mums, there’s going to be plenty of excuses to join in and have some laughs along the way.

British Mums actively encourages you to get involved by sharing the scoops everyone’s dying to hear, showcasing your talents or even reviewing things on behalf of all British mums (even if you’re taste testing blindfolded!). There are fantastic prizes for you to win and there’s lots of inspiration for busy mums on-the-go through collaboration with some of the region’s best health and beauty experts, celebrity stylists and recipe gurus who exclusively design tips for British Mums members.

Many British mums are at home away from home – and that means friends become family. And so, British Mums aims to embrace the community spirit on the website as well as the Facebook group.

So explore, be creative, review, rate, upload, comment and store your favourites – this website has been made by British Mums, for mums just like you!