Many people need Consular assistance because they do not check out properly. Don’t let it be you! Remember, if you’re leaving the UAE soon you will need to appear in person to close down your accounts and dispose of personal assets, make sure to plan ahead.

Bank Accounts, Credit cards and loans

Remember to clear all your debts before you leave the UAE. Non-payment of a debt is a criminal offence and could result in arrest and a possible prison sentence. If you have outstanding debts you may not be able to leave the country or you may be stopped and arrested if you try to come back to, or even transit through, the UAE.

  • Pay all outstanding amounts on credit cards, loans and overdrafts with the bank. It can take up to 2 months to complete all the paperwork;
  • Empty and ensure you close any bank accounts no longer required (remember some accounts will incur a monthly charge if left open);
  • Leave a forwarding address for any future correspondence;
  • Keep copies of all documents relating to closed accounts and always request clearance letters for debts or accounts you are closing.

Employment & Visas

If your contract is coming to an end, you will need to hand over your passport temporarily to your employer who will cancel your residence visa.  Failure to do so could delay your departure or mean you are marked on the immigration system as an absconder.

  • Request your gratuity payout statement and payment from your employer. The Embassy does not get involved in employment disputes. Please contact the Ministry of Labour and refer to the
  • If you are terminating your employment then you will need to give the required period of notice;
  • Ensure that you have medical insurance up to the point you leave and return medical cards as necessary.


  • Give notice to your landlord in accordance with your lease;
  • Disconnect your electricity and water by requesting final bills and stating the date you want the power supply to be disconnected. Ensure you retain all clearance certificates;

For Abu Dhabi

For Dubai

  • Cancel your contracts with your mobile phone, telephone, internet and TV providers;
  • Cancel any newspapers or other services delivered to your door;
  • Cancel your home contents insurance policy;
  • Return the keys to your landlord and collect any outstanding deposits. You may need to have the original receipts to do this.

Property, Cars and possessions

  • If you have a property you wish to sell or rent then you will need to engage the services of an agent if you are leaving the UAE;
  • If you rent a property then make sure you give the required notice in your contract or you may be liable for a further payment;

For Abu Dhabi

For Dubai;jsessionid=7M6ElRr_mLTn_okL5MPGgB9QGmyePrsvxuq5JXJ8QTumrtN6SePw!-61291099?entityId=-1&serviceCode=301&CSRF6krb3u=tt8wqrjvak4q

  • Remember to cancel your Salik tag if you have one
  • Your insurance company may offer a rebate when the car is sold;
  • Get quotes for removals. It can take 6 weeks or longer to ship your belongings to the UK;
  • Remember to get your shipping insured and consider the cost of storage if required;
  • Decide what you are taking and organise a sale to dispose of the rest or contact one of the companies that will take your junk for you.

Journey back to the UK

  • Book departure flights as far in advance as possible and make sure your passport is valid
  • Find out the charges for excess baggage as these can be expensive and you may be carrying a lot of luggage;
  • If you have children in school here, ensure you give sufficient notice in accordance with the school’s admission policy for preparation of any transfer letter or certificate for your onward base;
  • Remember to collect copies of your medical and dental records to take with you;
  • Teachers and civil servants may require a Police Clearance Certificate if returning to the UK to work. Wherever possible this should be obtained prior to leaving the country by attending Khalidiyah, Mina or Al Shabiyah police stations or by selecting the ‘Criminal Status’ icon in the MOI app;
  • For information on obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate / Certificate of Good Conduct once out of the country please visit:
  • Pet owners should leave enough time to complete preparations and correct paperwork to take pets with you. For the UK, check out the documents required on the website:

More help and information is also on the relevant Police Websites:

For Abu Dhabi:;jsessionid=h0rdY21KJJbnYkjLWWGgMVGLQvlJf5L31YWhP2TyWCymnw25Zc6l!-1969006208!-1457578456!1492579690934?_afrLoop=10802554354711692#!/portal/public/en/homepage

For Dubai:

For Sharjah:

Remember if you leave the UAE with unpaid debts you may be blacklisted by the authorities resulting in your detention and arrest in the future. If you visit or transit through the UAE, Immigration may be alerted and you will be brought to the attention of the authorities. The British Embassy is aware of 103 British nationals that were arrested for financial crimes in 2017

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