Halloween falls on 31st October every year (not that you could ever forget in Dubai…) Here are the signs that you could only be in Dubai as the spooks, ghouls, witches and ghosts come out for Halloween…

1.  You have to fight past cobwebs and fake spiders when picking up the groceries

You’ll never understand why stores in Dubai feel the need to get spooky with decorations towards the end of October – but with each year that passes, you are getting more and more used to it. The cobwebs won’t convince you spend more on potatoes – but if they distract the kids from the sweets aisle, they are worth their weight in gold.

2. You’re carving a watermelon

Have you see the price of pumpkins in some places in Dubai? Forget those 50p special offers in Tesco and instead resort to a watermelon. Or a swede, butternut or pineapple. It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s round – after all, once the lights are switched off and your expertly carved face appears, no one will know that you refused to risk your next rent cheque for the sake of a few bowls of pumpkin soup. 

3. You’re invited to a Halloween Party every five minutes

Well, not exactly – but your phone is pinging every five minutes with text messages from every place in Dubai inviting you to celebrate Halloween parties. And if you could afford the price tags and didn’t mind the resulting sugar rushes, your kids could get away with being dressed in costumes for weeks.

 4. You consider flying back to the UK just to buy costumes

It might just be the outline of a skeleton printed on a pair of pyjamas, but you aren’t prepared to spend the usual weekly budget on getting your little ghouls and ghosts dressed up this Halloween. Oh how we miss the aisles of Tesco and Primark (and make a mental note to plan ahead a little better next summer…) In the meantime, it’s time to get creative with the help of Pinterest (and the costume cast off’s from British mum’s naturally).

5. Halloween gets you excited about the cooler weather

Halloween is celebrated big style in Dubai, which can be a bit of a culture shock after the low-key celebrations you grew up with in the UK (wearing a cheap nylon witch’s hat, of course). But you are quickly growing to love the occasion – and you aren’t ashamed to admit that it’s mainly because 31st October coincides with the beginning of the best part of the year weather wise. Beach days and al fresco dinners? It’s almost worth the hassle of dragging that witch’s hat out of storage.

6. You let the kids go trick or treating

Letting the kids roam the streets and knock on stranger’s doors in the UK? No way! Letting the kids roam the streets and knock on stranger’s doors in your compound, street, or apartment block in Dubai (with adult supervision, of course)? Why not?! It’s Halloween, of course. 

7. When midnight strikes, Christmas begins

You were always told to ‘Remember Remember the 5th of November’ when you were growing up, but with Bonfire Night a complete non-event in Dubai, your mind skips over it (until you see endless posts on social media from back home of fireworks and bonfires, that is). You don’t dwell on it for long though – as when Halloween is done and dusted, your mind turns to Christmas. Is it too early to start watching Elf?!

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