Not that long ago, getting good quality organic produce was no easy task here, but not anymore!  Farmbox, launched by two French guys with a huge passion for food, (but exclusively good food), intend to raise the standard of organic produce in the UAE by introducing their new online delivery service.

Premium organic produce has made a significant impact on their lives, which is why they’ve brought this produce to the UAE and straight on to our dinner tables. If you subscribe to Farmbox, you’ll receive the freshest box-full of deliciousness and beautiful organic European goodies at your doorstep every week!

Now we all know that organic fruit and veg are much richer in flavour and better for us because they contain the crucial nutrients that are vital for growing, but here are our 5 reasons to choose Farmbox’s organic delivery:

1. 100% organic and sourced mainly from European farms

Farmbox’s organic produce travels straight from European farms to your dinner plate. It sticks to rigid European regulations, (which are the world’s most scrupulous standards to meet, by the way). These strict standards ensure that their products are the best organic produce in the market and this means that you can feed your family confident in the knowledge that it you are giving them the best that you can. The really nice bit is that the produce is minimally handled and this takes out the risk of contamination, which sadly can’t always be said for loose produce at supermarkets.

2. Farmbox’s 100% organic produce is the freshest in town

Something very close to our hearts is that Farmbox has a short supply chain. Once its produce shipment arrives from Europe, the fruit and veg are boxed and delivered right away to ensure they retain their nutrients, whereas produce at some supermarkets can be stored for at least 10 days before hitting the shelves (which could explain those rogue mouldy raspberries that you’ve all had!)

3. Farmbox means less time at the supermarket and variety

No more wasted time in the fruit and veg aisle, squeezing fruit to see if it’s ripe (hooray!) – Farmbox will do all that for us! On top of that, because Farmbox is subscription-based so you might just get something that you wouldn’t have picked up in the supermarket and this gives you the chance to dust off those recipe books and experiment in the kitchen a little.
4. Farmbox features an array of family-friendly options

You can opt for either a fruit or vegetable box – or, or a mix of both. The box contents change every week too – so your family will never get bored. All organic fruit, vegetable and mixed boxes are available in two sizes – regular for families with one to three members and large for families with three to five members.

5. An effortless hassle-free solution for fruit and veg meaning no more forgotten ingredients

Whether you’d like to order once or schedule weekly deliveries, your order and payment will be automated and that’s very handy our busy lives! It can save you both time and energy and based on your choice, you can expect your delivery every week or even every second week, and you can rest assured that they only collect payment once your box has landed on your doorstep.

Organic fruit and vegetable taste more superior than regular produce and Farmbox is a great, healthy choice for our family’s diets.

To order your Farmbox today, click here www.


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