GoOrganic, the UAE’s leading cold pressed juice manufacturing company have created a juice cleanse programme that are made to make you feel AMAZING!

Made with at least 1 kilogram of raw, organic vegetables and fruits, their juices can be a great meal replacement if you’re wanting to shift a few pounds, but they’re also great if you’re wanting to simply cleanse and re-energise your body too!

If you’ve never done a juice cleanse before, you might well be wondering what exactly it entails… For starters, it’s recommended to unleash the natural healing power of your body by getting rid of body toxins caused by pollutants (and general bad stuff that’s built up in your body!) but it’s also recommended for many illnesses too, as it gives the body the rest it needs to recover by taking away the hard work of digesting food.

Juicing helps to enrich your system with valuable nutrients and antioxidants and is said to be the first step towards a long and healthy lifestyle – as well as being a brilliant way to kick start a weight-loss regimen by helping to retrain your taste buds.

GoOrganic‘s fab range of juices are packed with delicious goodness, that are not only refreshing but healthier AND tastier than you might imagine too. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself having a particular favourite like the super-tasty ‘Ayurveda Dnyan’ (made with lemons, filtered water, activated charcoal and delicious raw, organic honey). The juice flavours vary widely.

Depending on the length of the GoOrganic cleanse you choose, it accomplishes different things. For example; a three day cleanse will helps the body rid itself of old built-up matter and cleanses the blood, a five day cleanse will starts the process of rebuilding and healing the immune system and if you go the whole hog, a ten day cleanse will take care of problems before they even start to arise and can fight off degenerative diseases. (Note that a “fast” is something entirely different – as their cleanse is a nutritional one).

It’s about nourishment, NOT deprivation and the healing starts by simply supplying the blood with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are easily able to assimilate. But… you’re forgiven if you might be feeling a bit apprehensive about starting a cleanse, as for first-timers there can be HUGE excitement at the prospect of feeling amazing post the cleanse but understandably, you might have concerns that the cleanse will be a struggle without having your regular food intake.

To prepare for your cleanse, GoOrganic offer loads of info about how to start, and they support you all the way and even say that if you feel hungry, it does no harm at all to have a handful of nuts, some avocado, or vegetable broth etc – as it’s all about you!

Just be aware that it’s recommended that you consult a medical practitioner should you have any health concerns prior to starting a juice cleanse as clearly it’s not for everyone, but if you’re wanting to kick start a shift to those stubborn pounds and fancy feeling soooooo much healthier, then this is a great call – (especially with the added bonus of 25% off everything PLUS an extra cleanse day FREE for British Mums members – Just enter the code 25BRITMUMS, valid until the end of March 2019).

Plans are tailor made for you and you’ll also get personalised customer service. For more, WhatsApp or call on ‪0556250664‬. Check out for more details.

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