We’ve all been there. Its 10.00pm on the 30th November and you suddenly realise that you haven’t even thought about the elf for 11 blissful months. You start berating yourself for even starting this tradition. You now desperately need to think of inspiration, not just for tonight, but for the next 24 days! Well British Mums has got you covered with 24 cheap and easy to pull off elf stunts to help you add a little mischief to this year’s Christmas season.

1st December

Have your elf make a grand entrance with this colorful display to begin the festive month. You will need to pick up some balloons to welcome him into your home for an exciting month of activity for him in the lead up to the big day!

2nd December

A super easy one to get your elves feeling mellow…fill up your sink, slow cooker or large bowl with mini marshmallows to give your elf a nice bubble bath, and a little sweet treat for the kids (if they’ve been good of course!)

3rd December

All you need for this one is to enjoy a whole tub of Pringle’s (not hard after 2 days of no school) and some scissors, and that crafty little elf has spent the night eating your supply of Christmas nibbles!

4th December

Another super quick and easy one. All you’ll need is some present bows or ribbons to attach your elf to a blind, door or window as he tries to escape before the big day has even arrived!

5th December

This one is only for those of you that don’t mind your tree being a little over decorated… simple, effective and all you need is a toilet roll and you have yourself a naughty little elf decorating the tree! Make sure the kids put the sheets back in the bathroom after you salvage your beautiful tree!

6th December

Another one using toilet roll, so no need to dash out and buy anything. You just need a black and orange felt tip pen to transform your loo rolls into a little Christmas snowman for your elf to hide in. If you’re feeling creative, you can always add more to create a snowy scene – frozen fans would love a little Olaf playing with Anna and Elsa!

7th December

Here’s one to ensure the kids have a little giggle. You’ll just need to line up a few little biscuits and decorate a few along the way with some chocolate icing or chocolate spread for a mucky little elf.

8th December

A little Christmas party for elf and a friend in the form of Barbie or a superhero doll! With the drink of your choice, maple syrup or hot chocolate would be fab, and a couple of straws for elf to have a merry little Christmas time!

9th December

This is a great one for slightly older kids. We’ve all got a bag of peas in the freezer to use up, so the perfect chance to make use of them and that elf has been up to no good again.

10th December

A great one for a day of Christmas baking. You’ll need to keep your flour out for this, and your elf has been playing at making snow angels on the kitchen worktops… could get a little bit messy!

11th December

Keep a few scraps of wrapping paper for this one and you’ve had yourself a little helper! (Just remember to keep sharp scissors up high if you have little ones). You could even leave a little present half wrapped…or half opened depending on how naughty he is!

12th December

This elf stunt is easy if you’re semi artistic as all you need is a Sharpie and a bunch of bananas. We’ve done Minions but pick any of your kids’ favourite characters – ideal for the day after Kibsons arrives.

13th December

Candy canes aren’t just a tasty treat; they can double up as a speedy sled for racing down bannisters. Just grab two candy canes, a couple of crackers, some glue, a ribbon for a safety belt and some sticky tape to fasten it all to the bannister. A sled fit for any elf!

14th December

Hand hygeine is super important in the current climate, even for elves! Use either lipstick or a dry erase marker and write this helpful reminder on your bathroom mirror in case the hand washing message still hasn’t sunk in.

15th December

We all love a midnight feast and this naughty elf is no better. He’s raided the chocolate stash and didn’t get round to hiding the evidence. Just eat some chocolate treats, scatter the wrappers around the elf, smear some chocolate on his face and blame the whole thing on him!

16th December

The elf’s been causing some serious mischief this time by decorating all of the family photographs. All you need to do is grab a dry erase marker and get creative. Just make sure you don’t use a Sharpie or Great Aunt Edith’s devil horns and beard will be here to stay!

17th December

This naughty elf has hidden all of the candy canes! The kids will love racing off on a treasure hunt searching for all the missing treats and you’ll love the 5 minutes peace it buys you to make (and hopefully drink!) a morning cuppa!

18th December

Mirror elfie! The kids will love looking just like their mischievous house guest as they brush their teeth in the morning. Grab some scissors, sheets of white and red paper and sticky tape or Blu tack and in no time you’ll have pulled off this perfect elf stunt photo opportunity.

19th December

Causing mischief all night is hard work. Using just your coffee machine, a straw and some coffee pods create an elf refuelling station where your elf can kick back and enjoy a hot coffee before the day begins.

20th December

A bit of quiet time during the day is something us mums love, particularly when the kids are constantly on the go. Encourage you kiddies to choose their favourite book, sit down and read the elf a story. 5 minutes peace; you’re welcome!

21st December

If your kids are anything like ours then they will love this one. This super simple elf stunt is particularly fun if you have more than one elf. Watch out though, your kids might be jumping on your furniture all day long!

22nd December

If your kids love to colour then this elf stunt also doubles up as a morning activity to get stuck into. Lay out some colouring pages and crayons or go one step further and include card, scissors and glitter glue. Christmas crafting begins!

23rd December

This greedy elf got stuck in the fridge while trying to swipe a late night snack. Lucky he had a blanket to keep warm! Just wrap the elf in a cloth then find him a cosy seat in between the milk and juice. The easiest elf stunt so far!

24th December

To end the elf festivities on Christmas Eve, leave a bag of (environmentally friendly) reindeer food out ready for when Santa arrives. You could even put out any special Christmas Eve gifts – like festive PJs, or the plate ready to leave a mince pie and carrot for Santa and Rudolph! Merry Christmas!

Huge thanks to British mums Sam and Alice for coming up with all these wonderful suggestions so we don’t have to! With 5 kids under 6 between them, it’s no wonder they’re full of such fab and entertaining ideas! Have fun ladies and do share any other ideas with us!